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Disguised Toast Net Worth & Career Highlights: Get To Know The Popular Gamer

Disguised Toast is one of the fastest-growing streaming channels. Here's an insight into Disguised Toast net worth as well as his career highlights.

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Disguised Toast Net Worth & Career Highlights (Image Source: Disguised Toast Instagram)

Disguised Toast or Jeremy Wang is a popular Canadian Twitch streamer, primarily creating his content around Hearthstone and Fortnite. The streamer has amassed 1.9 million followers on Twitch and 3.4 million subscribers on YouTube as of 2021. Lately, a lot of talks around how streamers get paid and to what extent has started swirling around on the Internet. Since Jeremy Wang is known to be one of the fastest-growing channels in the streaming space, here's a look at how much is Disguised Toast worth and his career graph.

Disguised Toast Net Worth

Born on November 25, 1991, Jeremy Wang or Disguised Toast age is 29 years as of 2021. Streamers typically make money through ads, donations, and sponsorships. Since his YouTube and Facebook gaming channels are growing at an exceedingly fast pace compared to Twitch, it is safe to assume that his primary source of revenue comes from ads. As per Nailbuzz, Disguised Toast net worth is an estimated $2 million. In one of his own YouTube videos, Jeremy Wang himself gave an insider into how much money he and his streamer friends are able to make by creating videos for a living. He confessed to making roughly $2,500 per month through donations and about $4,000 a month via ads.

Officially, Twitch also pays its streamers depending on the subscriptions it gains monthly. Although the income varies from streamer to streamer, Twitch typically takes 50% as a commission of the total subscription fee, summing up the streamer's cut as $2.50. At the time of the video i.e. in 2019, Disguised Toast had admitted to earning around $14,000 per month owing to his 4,000 subscribers. Now that his channel has grown immensely, the revenue must have doubled as well.

Jeremy Wang recently became the topic of interest after the announcement of the Disguised Toast ban on Twitch due to unmoderated hateful conduct. He took to Twitter to inform about the news to his followers and even expressed his confusion on why the temporary ban was made. The exact duration of the ban isn't cleared nor confirmed by both parties either.

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Image Source: Disguised Toast Instagram

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