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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7: Find Out How To Get Nuts And Bolts

In Fortnite season 7, both mechanical parts and animal bones are replaced by Nuts and Bolts. Many readers are wondering how to get Nuts and Bolts in Fortnite.

how to get nuts and bolts in fortnite


Fortnite Season 7 has replaced Mechanical Parts with Nuts and Bolts. They can be used to craft weapons and even previously vaulted items. However, a player might face difficulty in finding Nuts and Bolts across the Fortnite island. Read along to know more about how to get Nuts and Bolts in Fortnite and crafting materials in Fortnite Season 7.

How to get nuts and bolts in Fortnite?

In Fortnite Season 7, both mechanical parts and animal bones are replaced by nuts and bolts. Although, these new crafting materials are laid out across the island and might be difficult to find. In its most basic form, nuts and bolts would be found in red toolboxes. These toolboxes are rare to find. A player gets 1x Nuts and Bolts in every toolbox. They can also be located using a Recon Scanner in the game.  

Crafting material in Fortnite has become more simple. "Combine Nuts and Bolts with any Assault Rifle for a Burst Assault Rifle, with any Submachine Gun for a Rapid Fire SMG, and with any Shotgun for a Lever Action Shotgun. These craftable weapons don’t have pre-built versions to pick up, so collect any Nuts and Bolts you come across. It seems Nuts and Bolts have replaced Mechanical Parts and Animal Bones, which would explain why we haven’t seen any Makeshift weapons around." - Fortnite says in an official post on their website, guiding players about crafting material in Fortnite. Keep reading to know about where to find nuts and bolts in Fortnite.

Where to find nuts and bolts in Fortnite?

  • As stated earlier, Nuts and Bolts can be found in red toolboxes
  • Get Nuts and Bolts from Rick Sanchez, located west of weeping woods
  • Get Nuts and Bolts from floor loot spawns, although these are rare
  • Nuts and Bolts can also be acquired after defeating an enemy
  • Shooting the UFOs in the game might also drop some nuts and bolts

How to craft a weapon using Nuts and Bolts?

  • Collect Nuts and Bolts
  • Grab a craftable weapon
  • Open inventory and head on to the crating section
  • Select the weapon to be upgraded at the bottom of the tab
  • Fortnite inventory would use the nuts and bolts and craft the desired weapon


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