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Fortnite Leaks: Lebron James Skin Likely To Be Added To Fortnite's ICON Series

Fortnite leaks recently suggested that a new Lebron James skin could be released. So we have listed all the information about this data right here. Read more



Fortnite has constantly been releasing a lot of new content for its players. Currently, a number of Fortnite leaks have surfaced on the internet and they are claiming that Lebron James skin is going to be released in the game soon. The news was broken by a popular Fortnite data miner called ShiinaBR. A number of leaks have been released by this particular Fortnite leaker and this leak could really be involved in the game soon. A follower on Twitter also asked ShiinaBR if this leak was really true or not. He replied that the news is confirmed and the players will soon be able to use Lebron James in Fortnite.

Fortnite could bring in Lebron James skin 

This could be true because there have been links with the popular NBA ball player’s son getting involved with FaZe Clan. However, nothing official has been announced by the makers, and waiting in for Lebron James Fortnite skin is the best option one has. This addition to the game can be expected to be released along with the upcoming 17.20 Fortnite updates. Seeing such iconic Fortnite skins like Harry Kane, Lebron Jame, Neymar Jr might just attract fans who are strong followers of the particular sport. A number of rumours claim that Epic Games has pushed the release of the 17.20 Fortnite update to July 13. But no official statement has been released by Epic Games. 

Apart from this, no other information has been released by the makers. The players will need to have the Battle Pass or at least be above Level 50 to get access to these exclusive Fortnite that have been released for the players. They can also get an option to buy the skin directly using V-Bucks in the game. Apart from this, the makers have also given a heads up for the players to look out for alien attacks in the game. This was recently introduced with Chapter 2 Season 5 and the players can expect to see another Season launch in the second half of the year. 

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