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Fortnite Superman Skin: When Does Superman Come Out In Fortnite? All You Need To Know

Superman is one of the most awaited skins in Fortnite and is out now. Players have to complete multiple quests to unlock the Fortnite Superman Skin in the game.

Fortnite Superman Skin


Fortnite Season 7 features a Superman cosmetics bundle, which has a few items other than the main Superman skin. While it was supposed to come out on August 12, 2021, the Fortnite Superman Skin will launch on August 10, 2021. As a part of Battle Pass for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7, the Man of Steel has made its way into the game. Players are excited and they want to know about how to unlock Superman skin in Fortnite, which is covered in the following section.

When does superman come out in Fortnite?

While the Superman cosmetics bundle includes multiple items, players will not be able to unlock the main Superman skin initially. The base skin which is available to unlock right away is that of Clark Kent, the character that Superman uses to disguise as a normal person in the movies. However, players must keep in mind that in order to unlock all the items in the bundle, they must possess enough Battle Stars beforehand. 

How to unlock superman skin in Fortnite?

In the game, players are required to complete nine quests to unlock items in the Superman cosmetic bundle. Although the quests do now show in the game yet, they have been leaked over the internet by Fortnite data miners. The Superman set consists of multiple items including Superman Shield Spray, Clark Kent Outfit, the Daily Planet Back Bling, call to action emoticon, secret identity emote, Superman shadow style, Superman Banner icon, last son of Crypton loading screen, solitude striker pickaxe and Kal-El's cape glider. 

  • Superman will be joining the game as a new non-playing character alongside Beast Boy and Batman, which will allow players to begin with the first quest required to attain the Fortnite Superman skin. The first challenge requires a player to "Complete quests from Clark Kent, Armored Batman and Beast Boy". The NPCs can be found at Steel Farm, Dirty Docks and Weeping Woods respectively. Completing the challenge with unlocking the Clark Kent Skin. 
  • To complete the second quest, the player requires to complete another challenge from the above-mentioned NPCs, which will award the player with the call to action emote. 
  • The third quest requires players to complete three quests, which will award the player with the Superman Shield Spray emote. 
  • The fourth quest requires players to glide with the Clark Kent through five rings and reward the player with Daily Planet back bling.
  • The fifth quest requires a player to dress up as Clark Kent and use a phone booth in the game and will award with a secret identity emote, Superman's Cape and Superman Skin.
  • There are more quests and challenges to be done, but they are not revealed yet. 


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