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Genshin Impact Account Linking: How To Link MiHoYo Account To PS4?

How to link miHoYo account to PS4? Read on to find out if there is a way to connect your MiHoYo account to PS4 platform for Genshin Impact.

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Players on PC and other platforms can cross-save in Genshin Effect, but there is currently no way to connect a PS4 account to miHoYo. To complete a cross-save in this game, players must log in using the same miHoYo account login details on PC, iOS, or Android. So how to link miHoYo account to PS4? Continue reading to learn more about PlayStation 4 account linking.

Genshin Impact miHoYo Account PS4

As previously stated, there is no way to connect your MiHoYo account PS4 to PC for Genshin Impact in the current version of the game. Since it's not possible to connect your PS4 account to your PC or mobile device for Genshin Effect, cross-save will be unavailable to Sony gamers. The explanation for this feature not being available for Sony gamers, according to miHoYo, is because of PlayStation account restrictions. PS4 owners can still play cross-platform multiplayer with their mates on PC, iOS, and Android, but saved data will not be shared.

Genshin Impact download on PC, PS4, and Mobile (iOS and Android)

Steps to Download on PC - The PC Client Launcher file must first be downloaded and opened. Then select "Install Now" after checking "I have read and agree to the Software License Agreement" After that, simply finish the PC Launcher installation and choose "Run Now" to start the launcher. To download the game files for Genshin Effect, click "Get Game." Finally, to begin playing, click on the game.

Steps to Download on PS4 - To get Genshin Impact on PlayStation, go to the PlayStation Store and type in "Genshin Impact." When you click download, the game will begin to download. Allow for the installation to complete before pressing the game icon to begin playing.

iOS or Android - Check for Genshin Impact in the Apple Store and Google Play Store, respectively. After you've found the game, press Install, and then open the app so that the in-game data can begin downloading. Since the file is about 5.5GB in size, the time it takes will be determined by your internet speed. You will be able to play the game after it has been completed.


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