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Genshin Impact Gusha Celi Boya: What Is The Requirement In This Day 4 Of Mimi Tomo Event?

The fourth day of the Mimi Tomo event has arrived, and more translations are required for completing a series of quests in Genshin Impact. Read on.

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In order to participate in the ongoing Mimi Tomo event, Genshin Impact players will be required to satisfy a number of requests for a range of Hilichurls. The request comes from a Restless Hilichurl on the fourth day of the event, who is asking for some "gusha celi boya." So what exactly is the requirement in this quest? Continue reading the article for a guide on Genshin Impact Gusha Celi Boya.

Genshin Impact Gusha Celi Boya

The fourth day of the Mimi Tomo event has arrived, and more translations are required to help the Hilichurls and obtain information from them. Players will win Primogems and attractive decorations for their Serenitea Pot if they track down the Unusual Hilichurl.

The word "gusha" means "vegetables, grasses, and fruits," while "celi boya" means "red." While a variety of products potentially fit that description, the Restless Hilichurl has stated that Tomatoes will be accepted. Tomatoes may be purchased from the General Goods Shop in Mondstadt and Liyue Harbor in Second Life. It is not compulsory that only tomatoes are supposed to be given as other vegetables also work. 

Players can use any fruits or veggies they have on hand, regardless of hue. Indeed, it appears that the Hilichurl may be appeased at the very least with a Carrot, and other non-red objects will work as well (as long as they are vegetables). This is weird as there was no mention of the quest being so flexible but either way it makes the quest easier. Keeping all these things in mind, it is safe to assume that the term "gusha" is the most important part of the task which is why a certain amount of flexibility is provided in the "celi boya" part. 

The translation of "gusha celi boya" can be found in a couple of entries in the Hilichurlian Handy Handbook. Players must go via the Mimi Tomo event menu to get to this book, and both "gusha" and "boya" can be found under the Useful Phrases section. The book is extremely useful, and players will need to consult it for a few subsequent objectives.


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