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League Of Legends Skin Leaks: Read More About Some Of Upcoming Updates

League Of Legends Skin Leaks has been a popular search term amongst the gamers. So we have listed all the information about the game right here. Read more

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Source: League Of Legends Website

League Of Legends has been one of the most popular games released by Riot Games. The game has a huge fan following from all over the globe. Some of these players are curious to find some unreleased League Of Legends leaks that have surfaced on the internet. So here is all the information that can help them with some League Of Legends leaks.

League Of Legends Leaks

The League Of Legends leaks have been one of the most searched terms in the gaming community. This is all because of the hype that has been created by gamers. A lot Games themselves have not yet released anything official about the upcoming League Of Legends updates. But some League Of Legends leaks have surfaced on the internet and are getting a lot of attention. These leaks suggest that a couple of changes are going to be made with the League Of Legends skin leaks. So to help out our readers, here are some of the rumoured changes that are going to be made to League Of Legends skin leaks right here. 

  • Information taken from League Of Legends Fandom page
  • The League Of Legends players who have managed to earn Gold+ are surely going to get the Victorious skin for free with a Vintage splash art.
  • The League Of Legends Players who receive the skin for free or who purchase the skin are also going to get a free Chromaskins.png. The chroma is going to be based on their highest rank. 
  • There are many different options in Chroma like the Bronze and Silver Chroma and these are not given for free easily. 
  • The players will not be able to purchase Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master and Challenger Chromas separately.

Riot Games post on their Elderwood Ornn Charity Skin Results 

From the end of last year to early January, you all rallied around the ancient shaper of the Elderwood and keeper of divine knowledge by purchasing Elderwood Ornn, the 2020 Charity Skin. In total, the global League community raised more than $7 million for the Riot Games Social Impact Fund.

All of us at Riot are incredibly humbled to have beaten Dawnbringer Karma’s $6 million—and we’re sure Ornn mains are, too.

Thank you all so much for continuing to support highly impactful organizations around the world. We hope you’ll join us again in this year’s charity fundraiser, so we can continue to build a better world together.

Promo Image Source: League Of Legends Website

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