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Mr Beast Riddle Worth $100,000 Is The Hardest Riddle Ever, Find Out Why

YouTube Star Mr Beast sent his fans into a frenzy when he announced the prize money of $100,000 to whoever solves the 'Hardest Riddle Ever'. Learn more

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The 22-year-old YouTube Star Mr Beast announced a $100,00 prize to whoever solves what he calls ‘The World’s Hardest Riddle’. Mr Beast uploaded a video titled Solve This Riddle For $100,000 (Step 1) to his YouTube channel on July 30, 2020. The two minutes thirty-five seconds video is filled with clues. At the beginning of the video, Mr Beast introduces the riddle with a huge stack of money beside him, thus emphasizing the authenticity of the challenge. Know More about Mr Beast Riddle.

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Here is what the Mr Beast Riddle is all about

The Mr Beast Riddle has 26 steps. Mr Beast starts by explaining how brain-scratching this riddle can be. He proceeds to push a vase kept on a petit white table while picking a hammer in his hands. Mr Beast then claims that he smashing the vase could be a possible clue, for a mere distraction. Hence, it is clear that figuring out what the riddle is, appears harder than actually solving it.

While explaining the Mr Beast Riddle, the YouTuber walks across a tiny hallway that has pictures of memes lined on the wall. One of the strongest clues that Mr Beast provides in the video is when he picks up a bucket of orbeez and throws it on a framed meme with the picture of Yoda. He then proceeds to his friend Chris, what’s the number, and Chris Yells 78.

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Meanwhile, a whiteboard features briefly in the background with mathematical equations. “Solve to skip to Step 10” is written at the bottom of the whiteboard. As the video proceeds, Mr Beast’s friend Chandler features for a few seconds while eating cookies. 

And beside him is a framed picture on the wall with the alphabet Z written in yellow font colour. Mt Beast urges the participants of the riddle to look for six such yellow alphabets and numbers throughout the riddle and write them down. If a participant wins the riddle, they will need these 6 yellow codes to claim the prize. As Mr Beast moves on, he shows the viewers a blue board that has text written in an Asian language and an apple fixed on the top of the board with an arrow. As proceeds to go outdoors, another friend of his is seen driving a golf cart and yells ‘Carl Jacob’ twice before smashing the cart into a wall of legos.

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Finally, the YouTuber proceeds to inform the fans that some phone numbers will appear during the course of this riddle and participants must not use their phones to call these numbers. Instead, to make the riddle even more confusing, his team has provided a phone emulator to all the fans which can be used to call and text any numbers during the course of the Mr Beast riddle. Finally, in the description box of this video, Mr Beast has provided a link that will lead the participants to Mr Beast Riddle Step 1.

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Mr Beast Riddle Step 8: Here is how to get the Mr Beast Riddle QR Code for step 8?

According to a YouTuber user named Valiant Brawler, when a participant has cleared Mr Beast Riddle Step 7, they will receive a voice mail from Mr Beast which talks about Baby Yoda and Orbeez. The Orbeez is just a rickroll, which is like an internet prank.  According to the YouTube user, the participant then needs to head to the following section on Mr Beast's Instagram's official page and find an account named Baby Yoda Riddles. That is where the participant will find the Mr Beast Riddle QR code. This is how one can solve the Mr Beast Riddle Step 8.

Mr Beast net worth will blow your mind


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According to the reports of a celebrity net worth portal, Mr Beast net worth is $18 million. Most of the YouTuber's wealth comes from his YouTube channel, where he has over 39 million subscribers. Most of Mr Beast's YouTube videos cross the 20 million views on average, thus making the 22-year-old YouTube star amongst the wealthiest of YouTube creators. He is known for doing outrageous challenges on his YouTube Channel.

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