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New Pokemon Snap Volcarona: How To Unlock And Photograph Volcarona?

Pokemon Snap has been finally released with a plethora of pokemon to take pictures of. Here is all you need to learn more about Pokemon Snap Volcarona.

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Pokemon Snap has been finally released and the players are going crazy with all the incredible cool elements in the game. To enjoy the newly launched game, players must have an active membership of Nintendo Switch Online. It is somewhere around 125 MB in size and can be downloaded from the console’s app store. In Pokemon Snap, players need to complete all the 24 courses with a total of 6 islands and you need to photograph pocket masters in the game. However, recently many players are wondering about new Pokemon Snap Volcarona and how to unlock it. If you have been wondering about how to photograph Volcarona in Pokemon Snap, then do not worry, here is all you need to know about it.

How to unlock the Illumina Pokemon Volcarona?

  • Raise the Fireflow Volcano course to Research Level 2
  • Now, just move forward to complete Fireflow Volcano again at Level 2 to go to the new route on the right 
  • Then, you need to take a photo of the Ancient Ruins there.
  • The Fireflow Volcano Illumina Spot will then become available to you, where Volcarona resides.

For New Pokemon Snap Volcarona, you need to drain the pokemon's fire shield and cause it to glow.

  • Hit the Volcarona with Fluffruit until it drops its fire shield.
  • Throw Illumina Orbs at it to make it glow.

List of Levels in Pokemon Snap

  • Florio Nature Park (Florio Island)
    • Park (Day)
    • Park (Night)
    • Illumina Spot
    • Research Camp
  • Founja Jungle (Belusylva Island)
    • Jungle (Day)
    • Jungle (Night)
  • Sweltering Sands (Voluca Island)
    • Sands (Day)
    • Sands (Night)
  • Blushing Beach (Maricopia Islands)
    • Beach (Day)
    • Beach (Night)
  • Maricopia Reef (Maricopia Islands)
    • Reef (Day)
    • Reef (Evening)
  • Lental Seafloor (Maricopia Islands)
    • Undersea
    • Illumina Spot
  • Fireflow Volcano (Voluca Island)
    • Volcano 
    • Illumina Spot
  • Elsewhere Forest (Belusylva Island)
    • Forest
    • Illumina Spot
    • Shiver Snowfields (Durice Island)
    • Snowfields (Day)
    • Snowfields (Night)
  • Outaway Cave (Durice Island)
    • Cave
    • Illumina Spot
  • Ruins of Remembrance (Aurus)
    • Ruins
    • Illumina Spot

More about Pokemon Snap

All the pictures taken in the Pokemon Snap game will be and evaluated by Professor Mirror that will evaluate to give all of these Photodex Photos a score or a star. However, you need to understand that some of these levels in the game have alternate routes as well and it is important for you to keep that in mind. Apart from this, all the saved data will only be reflected in the game after the player has downloaded the update.


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