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Pokemon Go Axew: Learn How To Catch An Axew In Pokemon Go Here

Pokemon Go has a massive roster of Pokemon that players can attempt to catch in the game. Learn how to catch Axew in Pokemon Go here. Read on.

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Pokemon Go has stayed ahead of its competition since its release. It has done that by constantly broadening its horizons. The game uses AR capabilities to simulate the Pokemon world into the real world. Players get to go around finding and catching new Pokemon for their collection. Pokemon Go has also started PvP where players can wage battles against their friends and random people, so they need to bring out their best Pokemon in these situations. Many players want to learn how to catch Axew in Pokemon Go.

How to catch Axew in Pokemon Go?

The best approach to get an Axew in Pokemon Go is attempting to discover it during its spotlight hour. The utilization of lure at a pokestop and incense while strolling around will likewise expand the odds for the player to get a Pokemon Go Axew for their assortment. Players should likewise load up on great balls, ultra-balls, pokeballs, and Razz Berries to build their odds of getting the pokemon. Hatching eggs can also be a good way for the player to get their hands on this Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Axew Stats

Axew is one of the 5 generation Pokemon and is commonly found in the Unova region. This Pokemon looks small and innocent but can deal real damage when instigated. Axew evolution is Fraxure and it cost the players 25 candies to perform the Axew Evolution.

Axew marks their territory by scratching on Tree barks in their region with their tusks. They also have an ability that lets a broken tusk of theirs grow back almost instantly. Axew can also stand its ground in battles and the players can deal some real damage with this Pokemon. The players should be well versed with the Axew best moveset, stats, and weaknesses to use this Pokemon in battles, check these out below:

  • Pokémon GO Axew is a Dragon-type Pokemon with a max CP of 1547, 154 attack, 101 defense, and 130 stamina in Pokemon GO. It was originally found in the Unova region (Gen 5). Axew is vulnerable to Dragon, Fairy, and Ice-type moves. Axew is boosted by Windy weather. Axew best moveset is Scratch and Dragon Claw (8.60 DPS).

Pokemon Go was amongst the highest procuring games of July 2020. The game uses portable GPS to find, catch, fight, and train virtual Pokémon that seem, by all accounts, to be in reality. The pokemon fans unquestionably appreciate the game and run on a freemium plan of action that underpins in-application buys for an extra in-game bonus. Everybody finds the Pokemon Go players going around the roads with their phones in their grasp searching for all the extravagant Pokemons they can get. This is one of the games that requires the players to move around instead of sitting in one spot to play the game. Pokemon Go can be downloaded free of charge on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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