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Pokemon Go: How To Catch Metang? A Detailed, Step By Step Guide

Pokemon Go: Learn step by step instructions on how to catch a Metang in Pokemon Go game, what is Metang, Metang best moveset and much more

How to catch Metang in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a popular augmented reality based game. Since its debut in 2016, its publisher, Niantic has been including different types of pokemon to make the game interesting for its players. In this post, we are going to have a closer look at what is Metang, how to catch a Metang in Pokemon go and more.

If you are a regular player in Pokemon Go, then you know that Metang is a really rare Pokemon. It is a Steel & Psychic Pokémon. Metang actually evolves from Beldum. It is vulnerable to Fire, Dark, Ground and Ghost moves. In the upcoming section, we’ll have a look at how to catch a Metang in Pokemon Go.

How to catch a Metang in Pokemon Go?

As we’ve already mentioned, Metang is a really rare Pokemon. There is only one way you’ll be able to catch Metang in Pokemon Go. In the next section, we’ll have a detailed look at the only way you can catch Metang.

The only way to catch a Metang in Pokemon Go is to actually get a Beldum and evolve it into a Metang by feeding it 25 Beldum candies. Unfortunately, Beldum is also a rare Pokemon in the wild. Apart from specific special events, the spawn rate for Beldum is very poor. But, we have a solution for you. Read it carefully.

Beldum is currently hatching from 10KM eggs. Even if your odds are pretty stacked against you, at least give it a try. At the time of writing, Beldum cannot be encountered in Raid battles. So that rules that option out. Having said that, this may change in the weeks ahead. While rare, you can encounter Beldum in the wild, but there's about a 1/450 chance of encountering a Beldum. So to boost your chances, head over to the Silph Road Global Nest Atlas to find your nearest Beldum nest. Field Research. There are no research tasks currently which offer the chance to encounter a Beldum. After overcoming all these challenges and you are able to catch a Beldum, congratulations and you have to feed 25 Beldum candies to evolve it into a Metang. Don’t forget that Pokemon Go is a game in constant flux and small tweaks happen all the time. So keep checking back, especially at the start of the month when new research tasks are released, because it's possible the ways in which you can encounter Beldum change, and that means your chances of finding one easily might also change in the future as well.

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