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Pokemon Go Machamp: How To Get Fighting-type Pokemon Machamp?

In Pokemon Go, the players are reporting higher Machamp spawn rates near stadiums, sports arenas and large gyms. Read on to know more about Machamp spawns.

Image Source: Nintendo

Image Source: Nintendo

Machamp is one of the Fighting-type Pokemon whose stats are: an attack of 234, defence of 159, stamina of 207 stamina and a max CP of 3455 in Pokemon Go. The first time it was introduced was in Generation 1 of the Kanto region. This fighting-type Pokemon is weak against Fairy, Flying and Psychic-type moves and gets boosted by Cloudy weather. Machamp's best moves are Counter and Dynamic Punch (17.08 DPS). Continue reading the article to know how to obtain Pokemon Go Machamp as of the latest update.

How to Get Machamp in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon GO players are reporting higher Machamp spawn rates near stadiums, sports arenas and large gyms. As is common in Pokemon Go and even in the original anime series, the natural habitat of a Pokemon completely depends on the Pokemon's type and this is where the players can catch it. Since Machamp is a FIGHTING pokemon type so Pokemon like Machamp can be found around sports centers, parking park, and stadiums, gyms. The best time to catch Machamp in hour and minutes is 02:55 local time. Currently, Machop and its evolutions are some of the rarest Pokemon in the game outside of community day. It is an old generation 1 pokemon and right now all the new generation Pokemon have dominated the spawn rates almost everywhere. 

Machamp Base Statistics

  • It has a base Attack of 201
  • It has a base defence of 130
  • It has base stamina of 181
  • Max CP at Level 15 is 974
  • Max CP at Level 20 (hatched) is 1,299
  • Max CP at Level 30 (in the wild) is 1,949
  • Max CP at Level 40 is 2,274 
  • Max CP with weather boost at Level 25 is 1,624
  • Max CP with weather boost at Level 35 is 2,111
  • Max HP at Level 40 is 154
  • The base capture rate is 20%
  • The base flee rate is 7%

The latest Pokemon Go Update was on Team Go Rocket but the developers recently informed in their official Pokemon Go update website that they were addressing the issues with Team GO Rocket and this was the reason for the extended delay with it. Now Team Go Rocket is back and along with it, the players are also receiving a special Pokemon as an encounter. This decision was made by the Niantic team in order to make up for the time Team GO Rocket was away. Shadow Zapdos will be returning as an encounter when the players defeat Giovanni from Tuesday, June 1, 2021, at 12:00 a.m. until Thursday, June 17, 2021, at 12:00 a.m. local time.

Image Source: Nintendo

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