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Pokemon Unite: How To Add Friends On Pokemon Unite, Use Share Function And Guide

The Pokemon Unite share function will allow players to retain their progress in the game made on Nintendo. Read more about how to add friends on Pokemon Unite.

Pokemon UNITE: How to add friends on Pokemon Unite, share function, guide


Pokemon Unite has been launched for mobile devices on September 22, 2021. The game is launched for both iOS and Android smartphones on the same date. After the launch of the game, players will get time up till October 31, 2021, to complete the log-in event and claim the rewards. Additionally, players who have the Pikachu Unite License do not need to be worried as they will get Aeos coins instead. The answer to 'how to pre-register for Pikachu festival skin' is simple: pre-register for the game.

How to add friends on Pokemon Unite

  • Open Pokemon Unite 
  • In the main menu, tap on Unite Battle
  • Start a battle on the game
  • Tap on the + sign beside the character
  • Alternatively, press the Y button to open a friends list
  • Decide whom to invite 
  • Tap on player info and click on invite friends 
  • The invitation sent comes up on the screen and friends can interact with it to join the lobby


  • Open the game 
  • Tap on Unite Battle and start a lobby
  • In the top left corner of the screen, and locate the Lobby ID
  • Copy the lobby ID and share it with the friends who are to be invited

Pokemon Unite 'share' function

The Pokemon Unite share function will allow players to retain their progress in the game made on Nintendo as and when players log in to their mobile. However, players need to log in with their existing ID for the very first time, otherwise, the in-game progress cannot be shared across to the mobile platform. If a player created a new ID while registering on the mobile for the first time, the progress made in the old game will be lost. 

Pokemon Unite

The game was already released for Nintendo Switch players on July 21. Pokemon Unite works on the concept of battling with players all over the globe with the main focus on the head to head Pokemon battles. Makers have also been expanding their Pokeverse by introducing new generation Pokemons like Gardevoi and Zeraora as special Pokemons with updates. 


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