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Pokimane's Boyfriend Trends On Twitter, Read More To Know About The Twitch Gamer

Popular Twitch Gamer Pokimane is making headlines as #pokimaneboyfriend is trending on twitter. Here is what the 24-year-old streamer has to say about it.

pokimane's boyfriend

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is one of the most popular Twitch personalities. The Twitch Gamer has gained fame by entertaining her fans by streaming herself playing many videogames. However, Pokimane began trending on Twitter, after a popular YouTuber named ‘LeafyisHere’ revealed in one of his videos that the Twitch star had been hiding her boyfriend from her fans. Soon #pokimaneboyfriend began trending on Twitter, as many fans wanted to know who is Pokimane’s boyfriend. Here is how Pokimane has reacted to it.

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Pokimane’s Boyfriend trends on Twitter

The subject of Pokimane’s love life has always been of interest to the streamer's millions of fans. According to the reports of a media portal, in the past the twitch gamer has been linked with many other streamers, the most popular one being like Hasan. However, the drama kicked up a notch after the popular YouTuber named ‘LeafyisHere’ claimed that the Twitch Gamer had been keeping her relationship under wraps.

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Pokimane Twitter Update: Pokimane posts a hilarious tweet as the response

Taking a dig at the YouTuber LeafyisHere and all the netizens who were using #pokimaneboyfriend, the 24-year-old Twitch Gamer, joined the shenanigans and posted a hilarious tweet. The tweet features Pokimane in a bathroom and she is joined by a cardboard cutout of President Obama. The Twitch Gamer is seen holding the hand of Obama’s cardboard cutout. Pokimane took this joke further by writing the caption ‘it’s time to come clean’ and used the #pokimaneboyfriend. The tweet racked up many of her fans on Twitter. 

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Pokimane's fame on Twitch 

The Twitch Gamer and content creator, Pokimane has over 5 million followers on the streaming platform. On her YouTube Channel Pokimane has over 5 million subscribers. The Twitch star also has a huge following on her Instagram handle, with over 5 million followers.

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The Twitch Gamer Pokimane has been quiet and private about her personal life, ever since she has been climbing the ladder of fame. In a Q&A, which she did on her YouTuber channel in 2019, the Twitch Gamer revealed that she is single at the moment. Pokimane added that even if she got into a serious relationship, she would still prefer to keep her romance offline. In spite of her desire to keep her personal life private, fans and rivals across the internet have always kept a watchful eye on the Twitch star and her personal life.


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