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PS Plus Games April 2021: Know All The Predictions And Leaks

PS Plus is a PlayStation service that allows players to play a set of free games that change each month. Take a look at the PS Plus games for April 2021.

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PlayStation users have a subscription service called PS Plus which lets them play new popular game titles for free every month. These games are changed on a monthly basis and every new month brings the possibility of new experiences with different gameplay on a wide variety of games. With PlayStation5 on the mix, the hype for the coming games is rising up. Sony or PlayStation haven't yet announced a full list of games but based on reports a few upcoming games have been leaked. Let's take a look at some of the predictions for the possible PS Plus Games for the month of  April. 

PS Plus Games April 

While Sony hasn't yet revealed the complete list of April's PS Plus free games, a few publications have reported some of the games that might just show up in the PS Plus games for April. As of now, Sony has just announced one of the games coming to PS Plus which is Oddworld Soulstrom. As for the other games, the RealSport101 website has reported that Civilisation 6 could be the second possible game coming to PS Plus for the month of April. This leak originally came from Reddit and was picked up by the gaming websites. 

A screenshot shared on Reddit of a Japanese PlayStation store shows the Civilisation 6 game page added with new PS Plus data, revealing that the strategy game is going to part of the PS Plus list of free games for March. While many people on Reddit asked if the game was available as a trial or the full game would be made free, a few users replied that the full game would be made available for free during April. So, it's all but confirmed that the second game would be Civilisation 6. Sony will be announcing the list of PS Plus games anytime now, as it's already March 31 at the time of writing this article. Lookout for some PS 5 exclusives to be part of the list as well.

PS Now 

PS Now or PSN is a new cloud-based service by Sony to enable PC players to access every game available on PlayStation devices. All you need to do is download the PSN pc app and get a hold of a PS controller. You play the game directly on their cloud servers and all your progress and achievements are saved online. It's very similar to how Google Stadia works. So, if you have a computer and still want to access PlayStation exclusive games, PS Now is a great option. Stay tuned for more information on PlayStation and gaming. 

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