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Resident Evil Lady Voice: Know More About The Voice Behind Lady Dimitrescu

Resident Evil Lady Voice is a popular term searched by the gamers recently. So we have listed some information about this voice actor right here. Read more

resident evil lady voice


Resident Evil 8 has been released and the players just seem to love this game till the core. But some of the players have been obsessed with the Resident Evil lady voice in the game and are trying to search for the actor behind it. To help them, here is the actor that was brought in to give the  Resident Evil lady voice. Read more about Resident Evil 8.

Resident Evil Lady Dimitrescu voice actor

The players are currently searching for the Resident Evil lady voice who is basically Lady Dimitrescu in the game. According to a number of websites,  Lady Dimitrescu voice actor is Maggie Robertson and the fans seem to love her work in the game. She has certainly delivered an exceptional performance and the players are thus trying to find more information about this voice actor. Maggie Robertson Resident Evil has managed to gain so much popularity amongst the gamers that a number of them are trying to contact her and talk to her about being the voice behind  Lady Dimitrescu. Here is a small video that is taken from Youtube that brings in Maggie Robertson Resident Evil along with a popular gamer. Read more

There are a total of two forms of the popular Boss fight against Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village. The Lady Dimitrescu final form will try to bring Ethan on the top of a tall spire. This will be the most difficult Lady Dimitrescu final form that is there in the game. Beating her will require a lot more than just fast attacking and some luck. The players will need to get specific weapons like the shotgun and the sniper to kill Lady Dimitrescu true form. In this form, her attacks will also get more powerful and almost impossible to get away from. So be prepared to dodge as many attacks as you can without being cornered. 

Lady Dimitrescu's final form has a weak spot that can deal a lot of damage. Keep attacking the same spot until you have defeated the Lady Dimitrescu final form in the game. Apart from this, the players are also trying to find Lady Dimitrescu height. This is because this boss seems extremely huge and a bit difficult to actually defeat in the game. The game's developer Capcom, had recently confirmed that Lady Dimitrescu's height is approximately 9 feet, 6 inches with her heels and the famous hat she wears. 


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