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Smite Patch Notes May 19: Final Boss Goes Live And Brings The New Galaxy Hero Chest

A new Smite update is out and brings a number of content for the Grim Omens event, of gameplay changes and more. Continue reading for full Smite patch notes.

Smite patch notes

Hi-Rez Studios has finally released the Final Boss Update for its free-to-play battle arena game Smite. The update has been rolled out on May 19 and brings a host of new content for the Grim Omens event. It also includes the Final Boss Battle Pass, and the new Galaxy Hero Chest, among other changes.

Smite patch notes

Here is the list of all the new skins, balance changes and more coming your way.

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Battle Pass Updates

Victory and Battle Chests

  • The Victory and Battle Chests have been removed from the Battle Pass.
  • The chests have been replaced with 5 new cosmetic themed chests which include the Battle Avatar Chest, Battle Cosmetic Chest, Battle Voice Pack Chest, Battle Skins Chest, and Battle Emote Chest.
  • A number of level rewards have received an adjustment which replaces chests with team booster packs. Every level will notify players of the booster types that they will be able to unlock, including the exact number.
  • Chest type will now be labelled from the track and will promise to give players an item from that chest type.

Battle cosmetic chest 

  • Exclusive death stamps
  • Exclusive loading screens
  • Exclusive global emotes
  • Exclusive ward skins
  • Exclusive announcer packs
  • Exclusive recall skins
  • Exclusive jump stamps
  • Exclusive music themes
  • Exclusive fountain fx skins

Battle emote chest

  • Clap emotes
  • Furious emotes 
  • Dance emotes
  • Special emotes
  • Wave emotes

Battle voice pack chest

  • God voice packs
  • Battle avatar chest
  • Normal and exclusive avatars

Battle skins chest

  • Normal T3 skins
  • Exclusive T3 and T4 skins

All the chests will offer an equal drop chance with no duplicate items.

UI – Home Screen Improvements

  • Art changes:
  • The border art has been reduced in the header and footer
  • Fonts have been updated to improve readability for users
  • The “Go To” button has been moved to the middle.
  • The 3D model will be rotating through several items
  • Players can now rotate the 3D model using their mouse or the right stick

Cleaned up the menu:

  • The profile has been moved from the menu to the panel in the upper right corner of the screen
  • The clan page has been moved to the bottom footer, next to Social.
  • The Learn page has been moved to the bottom footer, next to Notifications.
  • The currency section has been moved into the profile button. Players will have to minimize account XP display to make room for it.
  • Battle Pass progression has been added to Battle Pass link

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Chat Improvements

  • The chat window will display up to 2 lines of chat text without interaction and will automatically fade out in a few seconds.

Esports and Live Streams HUB Improvements

  • There will be better notifications for Viewer Point rewards
  • Fixed a bug with Start times on the upcoming games
  • Fixed a bug with teams not being sorted consistently
  • Fixed an issue with the voting lockout message being incorrect.
  • A new points purchase button has be introduced for players who want to buy Valkyrie Bride Thor with a single click
  • Fixed an issue with the points tracker not showing up for players after new Viewer points were earned for the week

Bug Fixes

  • Console Keyboard and Mouse – Fixed an issue with the Reset button in the keybinds menu which used to undo the previous keybind changes
  • Fixed issue when searching for a player in the ‘add member to party’ window, the search prompt would often lose focus.
  • Fixed an issue with 5-day and 30-day account boosters displaying as a 1-day booster
  • Fixed an issue with the Yemoja Bubble continuously sliding after the ability finished
  • Fixed an issue with the Yemoja ability 1 rendering as 1 circle rather than 3
  • Fixed an issue with the bottom panel appearing at top-left of HUD after pressing F1-F4


  • Fixed an issue where if a player attacked a tower, the active Back Door Protections sound would play for teammates all across the map.

Changes to Gods

Baba Yaga


  • Fixed a bug where the wrong god icon would pop up in notifications after unlocking Baba Yaga
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong icon would pop up while selecting or unlocking her Voice Pack
  • Fixed a bug where Baba Yaga would T-Pose during her victory animation

Creeping Cabin

  • Fixed an issue where the Creeping Cabin had problems properly colliding with Baba Yaga

Baba’s Brew

  • Addressed issues where there were problems firing up this ability. The bug incidence rate has been decreased, however, is still being investigated.

Blast Off!

  • Increased the Audio Cue Volume

Home Sweet Home

  • Addressed a bug where there were problems firing up this ability. The bug incidence rate has been decreased, however, is still being investigated.

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  • Living Nightmare - Fixed an issue where his shadow clones would path into or spawn inside phoenixes, making them invalid targets for Chernobog to land at

He Bo

  • The Sydney Shredder and He Bro skins have been enabled again. Fixed an issue where some of their abilities had a no-hit box.


  • Bastet’s ultimate will now apply the full damage from items when players hit enemies with her first and second ability
  • It should be noted that her third ability deals all damage through pets, and is intended to not trigger item effects, as pets do not inherit the god’s items passives. No recent change has been made to this rule.


  • Fixed an issue where certain players would land in unintended places after falling out of the Janus portals if they had certain knockbacks or immunity effects applied to them


  • Fixed an issue where Mulan used to get stuck in a state where she would continually attack with no player inputs, commonly occurring after using her Ultimate ability.


  • Pomegranate Seeds - Fixed an issue where she would be targeted when in a passive death state


  • Fixed an issue where this ability would not deal damage on certain occasions.


  • Fixed an issue where plant AoE damage reduction on subsequent hits was not working as required

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