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Valorant Forsaken Bundle: Weapon Skins, Release Date And Cost Of The New Bundle

Valorant Forsaken Bundle has been released and the players are certainly curious about it. So we have listed all the information about the bundle here. Read

valorant forsaken bundle

Source: Valorant Twitter

Valorant has been one of the most popular first-person shooter games available. The players are loving the new set of updates and additions made to the game.  They are currently talking about the Valorant Forsaken skin bundle that has been added to the game. So here’s some valuable information that can help out the players and solve their doubts about the Valorant Forsaken skin bundle. 

Valorant Forsaken Bundle

The makers of Valorant have now confirmed the release of the Forsaken skin bundle to their game. The Valorant Forsaken bundle was be released on April 27 and brought in new skins for weapons including Vandal, Operator, Spectre, Classic and Forsaken Ritual Blade (melee). The Valornat Forsaken bundle is a Premium Edition bundle and the players can buy individual skins for each weapon at a price of 1,775 VP. They can even buy the entire bundle for a total of 7,100 VP. There are 5 different levels of this Forsaken skin bundles, and each of these levels bring in a couple of changes. To help the players, here are all the changes made with the different levels of Valorant Forsaken bundle.

  • Level 1: Model with custom ADS reticle and custom bullet ejectables
  • Level 2: Custom muzzle flash VFX and fire audio; idle gem effect (gem swirls)
  • Level 3: Custom equip VFX/Audio (cracks appear); custom reload VFX/Audio (cracks appear); custom inspect audio; gem reacts on kill
  • Level 4: Kill Banner and Finisher
  • Level 5: Chroma with gold model and blue VFX (v1); Finisher and Kill Banner are themed based on Sovereign skin

Valorant Leaks

A lot of new information has been released by the popular data miner Valorleaks on his Twitter account. According to his information, the makers are planning to release some sort of system that lets players ‘down’ their enemies. The players will be given a chance to be revived which suggests that they can rejoin the Valorant fray. There are also a number of rumours that suggest that the makers of Valorant might just add the Battle Royale mode to the game just like Fortnite and Apex Legends. Apart from this, the makers had also gained a lot of attention for releasing their new playable character called Yoru who specialises in infiltration. This has been one of the most popular characters released by the makers till date. We can thus expect to see a couple of more additions in characters from the makers itself.

Promo Image Source: Valorant Twitter

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