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Valorant New Map: Will Breeze Be The Next Valorant Map In The Upcoming ACT?

According to the data leaked by Dataminers, Breeze appears to be the Valorant new map to be released by Riot Games. Read on to know more.

Image Source: Riot Games

Image Source: Riot Games

Due to the end of the current ACT, it was expected that a new map will be released for VALORANT. Since the release of VALORANT, this has been the strategy. Essentially, one new Agent will appear every two months or once every Act, with three in each Chapter. Then there will be a new map once every Chapter. Continue reading the article to know more about the upcoming Valorant Breeze map.

Valorant New Map Release Date

Breeze appears to be the next VALORANT Map to be released by Riot Games. There is no news on the release date or the official name for this new upcoming map in Valorant but it is expected to come with the start of the new ACT.

Although the name hasn't been verified by Riot Games, Twitter user 'cynprel' found that the name 'Breeze' was crossed out next to the agent's roots in the Night Market. Yoru's Night Market teaser, in which the word "Split" was crossed out, is similar.

As of now, there is no more news available about this map but there are other leaks that have been released by dataminers. One of them is the upcoming skin collection known as - The ‘Silvanus' skin kit from Valorant features a dark and lighter blue finish with a tiny house with two lit windows. The house appears to be located inside a woodland.

The above mentioned Silvanus skin bundle will feature skins for the weapons listed below:

  • Vandal
  • Phantom
  • Sheriff
  • Operator
  • Stinger

Valorant Patch 2.07 Agent Fixes

  • Yoru can no longer plant the Spike after using Gatecrash while his Dimensional Shift is active
  • Fixed an unintended dome in the sky that Astra saw if she came out of Astral form while Omen is ulting
  • Fixed a bug where placing Killjoy’s turret next to Sage’s Barrier Orb would sometimes break it
  • Cypher can no longer place Spycam in Cyber Cage projectiles
  • Fixed issue where Killjoy’s disabled Alarmbots would chase far away targets that ran by them when it was re-enabled
  • Fixed issue where Skye’s Guiding Light appeared to go underground when thrown directly down

Image Source: Riot Games

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