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Warzone Crashing On Xbox: Know How To Fix Warzone Memory Error 0 1766

Warzone crashing on Xbox is causing a lot of hindrance for the players on the platform. Learn how to fix Warzone Memory Error 0 1766 with this guide.

warzone crashing on xbox


Warzone is a massive online multiplayer game. In this game, players get to compete in a 100-player battle royale either solo, duos, trios, or in quads. Most players enter the game in squads of 4 to have a strategic team in place for this battle. Due to its completely online nature, Warzone is bound to suffer from bugs and issues from time to time. One of the issues that players have been facing is Warzone crashing on Xbox and the players wish to learn how to solve this issue.

Warzone Crashing on Xbox

The Warzone Memory Error 0 1766 has been plaguing the game for a while now. Warzone keeps crashing on the Xbox thanks to this error. This Warzone Memory Error 0 1766 just doesn’t glitch the game, it leads to a complete crash and the players need to start again from the top. Sometimes this error also leads to the Xbox completely shutting down. The frequency of the Memory Error 0 1766 has increased since the latest update. There are some troubleshooting ways that players can try out to stop their Warzone or Xbox from crashing. Check out how to fix Warzone Memory Error 0 1766 below:

  • Firstly, the players should Close any games or applications that are open in the background.
  • Players should also work to clear all advanced settings from their Mac address
  • Switching of HDR can also help the situation at times.
  • The players can also try reducing their game resolution to 1080p to solve the issue

Warzone Friends List Not Working

Warzone is suffering from a major bug in the game. This bug has the player facing problems such as Warzone not showing friends online. This can become a major issue for many players as most players enter this battle royale with their squads and not alone, and not being able to add friends can be a major issue for some. Warzone Friends offline is what every player is witnessing and the cause for this issue is assumed to be an Outage of some kind. There is no official fix for the Warzone not showing friends online issue, but the players can try out some general fixes that can help solve some situations. Check out the general fixes for Warzone Friends Offline issue below:

  • Update the Application: Either the application has not been updated or there is an update that is being developed. If the application is not at the latest version, then the players should update it and can get this issue resolved. If their application is already up to date, the COD must be developing a patch to tackle this issue for the players.
  • Hard Restart: Sometimes closing the application and the device can help, players should close their game and restart their platform they are running the game on. This fix has been helpful in fixing many other issues in COD games.
  • Friends requests: The problem here is that players are not able to connect to their friends. Sending a random friend request to players can sometimes kickstart the friends' feature of the game. Players should try sending a friend request to one of the random players from their recent tab and that might resolve the issue.
  • Cache: Cache can be responsible for many bugs and glitches an application faces. This issue can easily be resolved by clearing the cache of the respective platform. Players should try this fix and it might resolve this issue for them.


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