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Warzone Rambo POW Dog Tags: Here Are All The Warzone Survival Camp Locations

Warzone has added new game features that are themed according to the 80s action heroes. Check out where to find Rambo POW Dog Tags here.



The latest update in Warzone has arrived and the theme of this update is 80’s Action Heroes. This update pays tribute to two of the top action heroes of the 80s, John Rambo from the Rambo Series and John Mclane from the Die Hard series. With this update, a number of new changes have arrived in the game too, such as new weapons, skins, killstreaks, and more. The players also need to collect Rambo’s Dog Tags spread across the map for a special reward. Numerous players wish to learn more about Warzone Rambo POW Dog Tags.

Warzone Rambo POW Dog Tags

Rambo Dog Tags have been spread across the map for the players to collect. Collecting all 10 Rambo Dog Tags will reward the player with a Rare Calling Card. These Dog Tags have been spread across the newly introduced Survival Camps in Warzone. First, the players should head towards the CIA outpost on the map and interact with it to highlight all the Rambo Dog Tag locations. All of the Dog Tags don’t have to be collected in one match, the player can complete this challenge across several matches. Check out the locations for all Warzone Survival Camps below:

  • Between the Port and Prison
  • Promenade West
  • Boneyard
  • North of the Hospital
  • Northeast of the Stadium
  • Tv Station
  • North of Salt Mine
  • In Between of Military Base and Tv Station
  • North of the Summit
  • South of the Summit

MOAB Bundle Warzone

The MOAB Bundle Warzone is assumed to be the biggest bundle in Warzone history. The estimated price for the MOAB battle pass is 10,000 CP or $100 which is a staggering amount. No one has seen such an expensive battle pass and the players believe that the Warzone has something bugs in store for them. No official information has been released about what the MOAB battle pass may include, but the players have made their assumptions. Check out what could COD include in the MOAB battle pass below:

  • The first theory is that the Call of Duty store has been flooded with assets from their newest instalment, Black Ops Cold War. To balance the amount of assets between both franchises players believe that the MOAB battle pass will include all the cosmetics from all the battle passes from the past six seasons of Modern Warfare.
  • One other assumption for the MOAB battle pass is that players believe that this could be the arrival of a remake or remaster of the classic Modern Warfare 3 game. This game included a secret killstreak called MOAB, which could only be used by getting an unbelievable 25 kills in a row. This assumption is very believable as the battle pass costs as much as a new game would and the tenth anniversary of Modern Warfare 3 is just around the corner.


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