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Warzone Season 4 Red Doors Explained: Leads To Stations With High-level Loot

While the Warzone Season 4 patch notes simply say "Red Doors have appeared in Verdansk", it does not explain much about the doors, neither their locations.

Warzone season 4 red doors


One of the most mysterious elements in the Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 trailer was the red doors. These red doors are found across the map in not-so-fixed locations. If a player finds one, they can interact with it by stepping in. As a player steps into one, the red doors teleport the players or warp them to other locations on the map, which might be one of the multiple stations. Keep reading this article on Warzone Season 4 Red Doors explained. 

Warzone Season 4 Red Doors Explained 

While the patch notes simply say "Red Doors have appeared in Verdansk", it does not explain them. Red Doors are literally red doors that are found across the map. The location of these doors is not fixed, or as is reported by a few gamers, keeps changing at certain time intervals during a match. Additionally, these doors do not always occur at the locations. To explain, the location in which a red door appeared in a previous game might not have a red door in the current game. 

Red Doors warp players to Stations 

When a player spots one of the red door locations, they can check it every game to understand the pattern. Now, once a red door is found in the game, a player can step inside the red door. It teleports a player to another location in the game. These locations are stations that are otherwise inaccessible. Simply put, a player can visit the stations using red doors. These stations' weapon caches, sometimes even two of them, give a player a decent amount of high-level loot. 

Locations are not confirmed 

Once a player is inside a station, they can loot it and exit to continue the game. However, whether a red door disappears after use or stays throughout the game is uncertain. Very few red door locations are confirmed, owing to their random appearance. One of them is situated inside the stadium, while another occurs in Nakatomi Plaza. They are also located in the Quarry and near the supermarket. As stated earlier, a red door might or might not appear at these locations. Additionally, a player shall use these carefully, especially when the circle closes in because it could warp a player to a region far outside the circle. 


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