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What Are The Marauders In Fortnite? Where Are They Located? All You Need To Know

What are the Marauders in Fortnite? Here is how to find Marauders in Fortnite and where are they located. This hack will help you locate them to earn rewards

what are the marauders in fortnite

The new Epic Games' Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 has been rolled out recently. The new season is a heads up for many players as they are having a time of their life killing all the opponents, bosses and Marauders as well. Many people are trying to understand what these creatures are and where are the Marauders in Fortnite. Here is all we know about what are the Marauders in Fortnite, where are they and more.

What are the Marauders in Fortnite?

Marauders are a gang of mean OP henchmen that respawn from the meteors that break down from the Battle Royale sky. A user needs to be safe from them as they are overpowered and it is hard to eliminate Marauders that chase you down in the entire game. You can differentiate between them and the other moderators as they have a Red Exclamation Signal which can be spotted from afar. Many pro players advise users to stay hidden while fighting with them as they are mostly in a group of five henchmen which makes it hard for a single player to survive.

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Where are the Marauders in Fortnite?

It is hard to locate Marauders in Fortnite as they appear through meteors falling from the sky on the map which keeps falling many times in a match. However, a player can spot and eliminate Marauders in Fortnite at the beginning of the game. However, it is advised to go with your team and not solo (until you think you are a pro player). 

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To locate them, one must open their umbrella at the beginning of the game, as soon as you jump out of the plane. Then wait till the time comes to 30 seconds. As soon as you see 30 seconds in the timer below the map to your right, you will hear a thundering sound. Many meteors would fall from the sky but pay attention as the first meteor mainly contains these henchmen and the others are mostly dummy ones. 

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Once you spot your first meteor, fly to the location and you will see them running to kill players. Make sure to maintain distance while dropping down as they start firing even while you are in the air. After reaching the ground safely, collect metal and try to get the weapons and then go on to eliminate them with your team. To know more look at the video below-

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