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Who Is Kaceytron? Get To Know The Female Twitch Gamer Who's Been Involved In Controversy

Who is Kaceytron? Twitch users may be familiar with the name as she's one of the most popular gamers on it. Let's dig into her personal life.

Source: Kaceytron's IG

Kaceytron, also known as Kacey, is a big deal on Twitch, with about 560,000 followers looking forward to her gaming videos on World of Warcraft and League of Legends. But that hasn't stopped her from landing at the receiving end of cancel culture. Who is Kaceytron? Why is the popular gamer trending on Twitter? Let's find out.

Who is Kaceytron?

Born on December 19, 1990, Kaceytron's age is 30 years as of 2021. Not much is known about her personal life online as she's pretty private about her family. But Kaceytron's sister recently made it to the headlines for calling out another popular Twitch gamer called Dream for being a "misogynist" on Twitter. Other than making gaming videos, Kacey's hobbies include reading, photography and travelling to name a few.

Recently, Kacey had opened up about the rampant sexism and toxicity she faced at her workplace i.e. on Twitch. She mentioned that the staff members had tried to remove her with the reason being that men had a problem with her showing "too much cleavage". Though the issue is resolved now and she still continues to make videos on Twitch, she is not afraid to call out the wrongdoings and make her point when she's right.

While she spends most of her time making content for Twitch with frequent live-streaming, she also uploads shorter length videos on YouTube that boasts 82,000 subscribers as of today. Her Instagram is growing in number every day, too, with the current number of followers being 14K. Her Instagram profile mostly comprises selfies and pictures of her pets. Check out Kaceytron's Instagram -

Kaceytron recently came under fire for allegedly using the n-word on her marathon live stream on the occasion of Halloween 2020. The incident occurs at the four-hour mark of the video, which is still available on Twitch. Although the video is pretty old, it managed to resurface on the Internet, just enough to tarnish her reputation. Subsequently, the gamer tweeted in her defence, claiming that she never said the word but the noise in the background made it sound like that. She further elaborated that she was actually singing along to a song that didn't include the word in the lyrics.

Source: Kaceytron's IG

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