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Why Was Alinity Suspended From Twitch? Find Out What Had Happened During Her Stream

Twitch streamer Alinity's account was suspended for a few days in 2020. Find out why was Alinity banned from the platform, what did she do.

Image Credit: Alinity (Instagram)

Twitch Streamer Alinity had come under fire in 2020 after she was banned from Twitch because of a nip slip that occurred during one of her lives. The streaming platform suspended her account for nudity. The whole incident took place on April 24, 2020, which was approximately a year ago. Alinity whose real name is Natalia Mogollon quickly deleted the video but fans have already saved it by then and it was re-uploaded many times over in the upcoming days. Alinity leaks had started trending on Twitter at the time. Recently Twitter users have been discussing the streamer after she recently formed her OnlyFans account. Here’s what had exactly happened.

Alinity banned from Twitch after nip slip during her video

After the decision was taken Alinity took to her Twitter and uploaded a tongue-in-cheek tweet, stating, “I'm getting a suspension YES! Our hard work finally paid off good job guys.” The ban didn’t last very long and she was back on Twitch on April 27. According to a report in Insider,  a Twitch spokesperson told them that nudity is not permitted on Twitch. If nudity accidentally appears in a live stream, the content creator needs to ensure that it is removed as soon as possible. Accidental nudity is punishable as well on Twitch. Twitch usually sends a warning to the creator before taking the steps. During her April 24, 2020 stream Alinity had lifted her shirt and bared her body.

What's the Alinity drama all about?

The Twtich streamer who also has an OnlyFans account now has landed in hot waters many times in the past. Before her accidental nip slip incident, many Twitch fans have waged battled against Mogollon because of the ill-treatment of her pet animals. The report in Insider also revealed that Alinity allegedly threw her cat during a stream. A petition was circulated by Twitch viewers to ban her over allegations of animal abuse. The petition had caught the attention of PETA.

Since the last year, Twtich has been taking serious actions against creators who have flouted its policies. YouTuber and Twitch streamer RiceGum’s account was suspended when a woman on his stream bared one of her breasts. Most recently another creator named ItsPinkie’s account was suspended for 3 days after she had queefed during a live stream.

Alinity is now regularly streaming on Twitch once again. Her latest stream was from 3 days ago where she chit-chatted with her viewers and played games. The streamer does a live stream almost every day.

Image Credit: Alinity (Instagram)

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