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Why Was XQC Banned From The Nopixel GTA Role Play Server For The Third Time?

XQC ban from Nopixel GTA RP for the third time is said to be possibly permanent, unlike the previous two bans. Learn why was XQC banned this time.

Image credit: Félix ‘XQC’ Lengyel Instagram Account

Félix ‘XQC’ Lengyel Instagram Account

Félix Lengyel, famously known as XQC, has been banned from the Nopixel GTA RP server and this is the third time the Canadian Twitch streamer got prohibited on the platform. This ban could be permanent, unlike the previous two times – when he crashed other players with his car which is against the Nopixel GTA RP server rules and when he used a glitch to illegally bring in a gun to shoot police officers in the police station. So, why was XQC banned now?


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Why Was XQC Banned For The Third Time?

Félix ‘XQC’ Lengyel’s ban from the Grand Theft Auto Role Play server Nopixel 3.0 is a result of him influencing his viewers to “chat hop” onto other streams. Prior to this, the streamers were role-playing as police officers and XQC was given a 224-month-imprisonment. As a result of his fans chat hopping, other streamers became victims of hostile comments. Another GTA RP streamer on Twitch – Kyle –  replied to one of the chat hoppers’ comments, “You’re jumping from some guy’s stream to complain about something that nobody did, for somebody who doesn’t even know you exist.” 

XQC expressed his disappointment in a tweet, as reported by, “What a rollercoaster of a stream. sorry for the trashy mood by the end, I got unreasonably mad. a lot of rumours are spreading but listen, everyone chill. I did a lot of bad things yesterday and I admit to my faults. don't spread hatred on anyone, what I say isn't always true." 

XQC encouraging his viewers to chat hop is quite contradictory, given he previously slammed chat hoppers for creating drama by chat hopping between streams. This was following his second ban on the streaming platform, when chat hoppers were invading his streams with hate comments. During one of his streams, he spoke out against it, “They don’t understand what is going on but bark the loudest. They know nothing at all… [but] they have the strongest opinions."

According to The Load-Out, XQC was the most-watched Twitch streamer in 2020 with 147.8 million hours watched. This is partly because of his high followership – 8 million. XQC net worth is $1.5-3 million. The main sources of XQC net worth include his Twitch and Youtube video streams. He also works as a streamer for Luminosity Gaming. 

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Source: Félix ‘XQC’ Lengyel Instagram Account

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