Android 10: 10 Things You Need To Know, From Focus Mode To Smart Reply


Android 10 has been released officially by Google, and it is currently available only for Pixel users. Android 10 software update includes certain new features

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Android 10

Major highlights of Android 10

Android 10 has been released officially by Google, and it is currently available only for Pixel users. Android 10 software update includes certain new features and improvements over the previous iterations. To talk about some of the highlights of Android 10, it brings the most-awaited Dark Mode feature. What's more, it also brings gestural navigation, more privacy controls and quick actions as well as replies directly through notifications and more. We discuss ten things you need to know about Android 10.

Dark mode

One of the main highlights of Android 10 has to be the full-fledged implementation of the Dark mode. The Android 10 update allows users to enable Dark Theme. You can choose whether you want to enable Dark theme for your entire phone or specific apps like Gmail, Photos and Calendar. There are two clear benefits with Dark mode. Firstly, Dark theme makes it easier to use the phone at night in low light so that you can reduce eye strain. What's more, activating dark mode can also help you save some battery.

Android 10 officially available for Google Pixel phones: Top features

Smart reply

The 'Smart Reply' is another highlight of the Android 10 operating system. What it does is now it also suggests actions. This is how it works: As Google also explains, upon receiving a message with an address or a YouTube video, it allows you to open and navigate in Google Maps or open up the video directly on YouTube. This way, you need not copy and paste the URL or address on YouTube or Google Maps. Interestingly, Smart Reply supports all popular messaging apps out there.

Live caption

The Android 10 OS update gives birth to yet another exciting feature: Live caption. Once available, Live caption feature will automatically caption videos you watch or podcasts with a single tap. It will also work with podcasts and audio messages, in addition to videos or audios you record yourself. Google says Live Caption features will become available this fall. Goes without saying, Live Caption feature will first become available on Google Pixel phones.

Gesture navigation

With the size of bezels getting slimmer, gestural navigation has been gaining momentum across devices. On top of that, Android 10 officially extends native support to gesture navigation. This way, developers can make use of gesture navigation and implement the system into their apps. As Google also explains, both users and developers can advantage of bigger, edge-to-edge screens with the new gesture navigation. All you can do is go backwards, pull up the homescreen and switch between apps by swiping across the screen.

Focus mode

Being an Android user, you need no introduction to the kind of distraction caused by a constant dose of notifications from the installed apps, including those from Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, among others. With the Android 10 OS update, Google offers something called focus mode, so that you can reduce the amount of distraction caused by other apps to some extent. Select any app that you find distracting. All incoming notifications for specific apps will be disabled until you turn off the Focus mode.

Parental controls

Android 10 offers native support to certain parental controls and 'Digital wellbeing' tools. Thanks to a feature called 'Family link' under Settings, now parents can set digital ground rules. Parents can set daily screen time limits, device bedtime, time limits on specific apps, among other things. Interestingly, the Family Link is part of every device running Android 9 or 10. It can be found right in settings under Digital Wellbeing. Parents can also review the apps children install on their devices, as well as their usage.

Notifications control

Android 10 enables greater use of control over notifications. You can control over where and when notifications will alert you. You can mark notifications as “Silent”. This way, the notification won't make noise or cause distraction. You can also choose if you don't want notifications to appear on your lockscreen. You can choose to be alerted by notifications only "when you want to be."

Google Play updates

Android 10 also enables the Google Play system updates. This way, you can keep your Google Play system up-to-date with relevant security and privacy updates. With Android 10, updates to Google Play will be delivered in the same manner updates are delivered to your apps in Google Play Store. This way, Google Play system can be updated with all the mandatory security updates and privacy fixes. Plus, you need not wait for a full OS update.

New privacy section

As we mentioned in our previous story, Android 10 software update is mainly focused on your privacy controls. Android 10 provides users with a whole new Privacy section under Settings. This way, you can find all essential and relevant privacy controls such as Web & App Activity, as well as Ad Settings in one place. 

Location access control

Google also extended its privacy controls to location access. Now, Android 10 users can if they want to share location data with apps and services they are using on their phone. Android 10 users will also receive reminders when an app is accessing their location, despite users not using the app actively on their phone. From there, users can decide whether they want to continue sharing their location data or not.

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