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Google Pixel 6 Pro Spotted On Geekbench, Scores Poorly In Benchmark Test

Given that Pixel 6 Pro is said to be a premium smartphone with a premium price tag, the benchmark scores of Google Pixel 6 pro are disappointing. Read further.

Google Pixel 6 Pro spotted on Geekbench, scores poorly in benchmark test


Pixel 6 Pro is supposed to be Google's upcoming flagship smartphone. While the device has been buzzing in the rumour mill for quite some time, a Geekbench listing provides solid but disappointing details. A Geekbench listing reveals substantial details about the processor that will be used in the Google Pixel 6 Pro, being referred to as the Tensor chip that is co-developed by Google and Samsung. 

According to the Geekbench listing, the Tensor chipset in Google Pixel 6 Pro consists of three types of cores. Two powerful cores clocked at 2.80GHz, two medium-powered cores clocked at 2.25GHz and four energy-efficient cores clocked at 1.80GHz. Along with the processor, the Geekbench listing also reveals the GPU in the Pixel 6 Pro, the Mali-G78 GPU. For reference, the GPU has been used in Samsung's Exynos 2100 chipset earlier this year. It will not be a surprise if Samsung supplies the 5G modem as well. Lastly, the device that was tested for the Geekbench benchmark test had 12GB of RAM.

Google Pixel 6 Pro Geekbench listing reveals disappointing benchmark scores

That was not all that the Geekbench listing revealed about the upcoming Google Pixel 6 Pro. The listing also shows that the device scored a minimal 414 as a single-core score and 2074 as a multi-core score. The scores are concerning as previous reports have suggested that the Pixel 6 lineup will be placed in the premium smartphone segment. For reference, Qualcomm Snapdragon 700 series of processors have equivalent performance and are easily available in smartphones ranging between $300 to $400. 

Earlier last month, Google SVP Rick Osterloh said In a conversation with German magazine Der Spiegel, that Google Pixel 6 will come with premium pricing. Considering the performance of other premium smartphones in the market available between $700 and $800, including the Apple iPhone 12, the Geekbench score of the Pixel 6 Pro is highly disappointing. For a better understanding, go through the table below, wherein the Pixel 6 Pro Geekbench scores are compared with the scores of other premium smartphones, including iPhone 12, Asus ROG Phone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S21. 

  Single-core score Multi-core score
Google Pixel 6 Pro 414 2074
Apple iPhone 12 1570 3832
Asus ROG Phone 5 1135 3794
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 1116 3222
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