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Is LG Going To Shut Down Its Mobile Division? Know All Details Here

LG is one of the biggest tech brands in the world but if rumours are true LG may be shutting down their mobile development division soon. Find out the details.

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LG is one of the biggest technology companies in the world. They produce all sorts of electronic products ranging from TVs, washing machines, ACs, Smartphones and a lot more. However, a new leak suggests that LG might be shutting down it's Mobile division. Read on to if LG shutting down:

Is LG Shutting Down?

LG is a brand that's often known for its innovation and courage in trying new things with its smartphones. LG was the first-ever company and is still the only company that provides a Quad-DAC system in their phones, meaning the phone can play the highest levels of audio files and support even the most powerful headphones that cannot run on other smartphones. Their LG G8X Thinq was the first smartphone to bring a detachable foldable screen which has a practical application at a price many times lower than Samsung's foldable phones. Their latest innovation is the LG Wing 5G, a sleek foldable device that is set to compete against the Samsung Galaxy Fold series. Still, even with all these innovations and features, LG mobiles often lag behind when it comes to sales.

Most consumers prefer Samsung, Apple, and other smaller brands over LG phones. The LG smartphone division had been suffering heavy losses even after coming up with innovative products. It appears the company has finally decided they are going to exit the smartphone market after all. 

As per a report by Dong-A Ilbo, a South Korean newspaper, LG is planning to shut down its mobile division. A few days ago it was reported that LG was planning to sell off its smartphone division but the company was having trouble finding credible buyers. As per this new update, they may be looking to just shut down their smartphone business after all. LG had major plans for smartphones in 2021, starting from their phone with a rollable screen which was even SIG certified. However, the new news suggests that LG is going to be scrapping their plans for releasing new phones at least for the first half of 2021. 

As per the report LG has been in talks with companies like Volkswagen and Vingroup JSC for selling off their smartphone division, but so far, the talks have not been very fruitful. If LG doesn't manage to find a buyer, then the company will be forced to shut down its smartphone division completely and it would be a big loss to the Android ecosystem. LG had made some truly special innovations with its smartphones with their iconic phones such as the LG G2, the Nexus phone and the Google Pixel 2 XL. Stay tuned for more news on technology. 

Image Source: Marcus Brownlee Twitter

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