Image credit: OLED Info
Image credit: OLED Info


New Vertically Folding Smartphone From Sharp Comes To The Fore

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  • Would there be a foldable smartphone from Sharp in teh near future
  • This dveice is rumoured to be vertically foldable

As more smartphone brands join the “foldable phones” bandwagon, it seems that Japanese brand Sharp is also ready for the plunge in the form of a smartphone that could be folded vertically. A prototype of this smartphone has also surfaced.

The Sharp smartphone with the vertically foldable screen prototype has the AMOLED display and the smartphone’s display is rumoured to be strong enough to withstand 300,000 bends. Check out, a video of this purported smartphone below, that has surfaced via OLED Info, here:

In the video, the smartphone - believed to be that of the SHarp vertically folding handset is folded inwards and brought back to the original posture - just like a notebook. When completely folded, the smartphone resembles that of a compact wallet without showing any trace of being a smartphone. Here, this looks impressive on paper considering the fact that there has been a flurry of smartphones offering a foldable display folding horizontally.

As per reports, the above Sharp vertically folding smartphone is a prototype which means that the device would not be sold commercially any time in the near future. However, it is possible that the smartphone could be released in the distant future when comparatively more number of foldable smartphones become commercially available with people taking to accepting thee devices.

This Sharp foldable smartphone also reportedly features a 6.2-inch display with resolutions of 1440 x 2992 pixels. In this regard, do let us know what you expect from futuristic foldable smartphones.

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