PUBG Concepts: An Outfit Selection/Preset Feature To Maps Makes Sense To Hit The Game In The Future, Check Out Now

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  • PUBG has now been subjected to another concept
  • Do share your insights/concepts that you would want within future updates to PUBG

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), that is a subject of constant concepts and rumours, has now yet again been subjected to a new concept. This time it appears to be a new outfit preloading UI Menu aspect.

Now, renowned PUBG tipster, going by the moniker Slick PUBG, through a new YouTube video quotes a Reddit post throwing light on a concept created by Raf Marlo which throws light on an apparent future update hinting at a newer Menu user interface (UI) and outfits selector. Gauging images of the concept, it is evident that this is something of a new wardrobe for your in-game character.

These also indicate at the incorporation of custom-made outfits/skins that gamers could use as per the map that is currently being played. USP of this concept is the fact that you could be saved from the hassles of having to change outfits during the progression of the game; due to preloading/preset of the outfits as per the map that you have selected to play.

The preloading/preset of the outfits within individual map update, though still a concept, could make sense considering the fact that in-game time could be saved and this in turn utilized for exploration of newer aspects within the game.  In this regard, do share your insights on futuristic concepts that you want incorporated within PUBG, in later updates.

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