PUBG Mobile: Beta Update 0.10.0 Rumored To Introduce Vikendi; From December 20

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  • PUBG Mobile update 0.10.0 is now in beta
  • Vikendi for PUBG Mobile is rumoured to come from December 20

The PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 beta update which was made available recently to users of Android and iOS platforms is also now said to be introducing the much expected Vikendi snow map. Hence, it would do no harm for gamers to check out the update that should now be available for download more widely.

Now, as per XDA developers, gamers should also be able to check out a new custom vehicle and snow weather mode within Vikendi. At this juncture, it is worth noting that these aspects were hinted at fairly earlier by game tipsters through data mining.  Along with these, XDA developers also states that players would be able to completely gather the daily mission rewards whilst efficiently competing with players on different servers (but in the same level) as well.

As far as Vikendi snow map is concerned, this would be a 6x6 map that is now speculated to be available for download to PUBG Mobile gamers from December 20. As stated earlier, the custom snow mode and new snowmobile (vehicle) should be available for utilization and exploration within the game.

Other enhancements have also surfaced, and as per these details, the update 0.10.0 for PUBG Mobile is rumored to incorporate a custom mini snowball battle within the Spawn Island in Vikendi. Also, there could be a new system that takes in an additional input language apart from the primary one used for in-game chatting as well as matchmaking purposes.

The full changelog is yet to surface officially; more details are expected to come to the fore soon. But, a positive development out of the above rumors is the existence of Vikendi. At this instant in time, it is worth remembering that Vikendi for PS4 and Xbox One would seed only from January 19 and for PC gamers the official date of seeding is December 19.

Hence, do keep your ears and eyes open for Vikendi and do check out the beta 0.10.0 update.

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