PUBG Mobile: Tips To Effectively Find And Loot Level 3 Stuff In Shelter

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  • Level 3 backpacks are vital in PUBG Mobile
  • You should able to find four entrances to Shelter

PUBG Mobile recently received a new beta update bearing version number 0.10.0. This is widely rumoured to introduce the Vikendi Snow Map along with a new weapon, vehicle, and a custom snow weather mode. At this juncture, if you are a new entrant to PUBG Mobile, then it should do no harm for you to check out effective tips to find Shelter, and the all-important level 3 stuff.

As per renowned PUBG YouTube tipster Derek G (via a YouTube video), it is always desirable to check out the custom flight path that enables players to drop-off at Shelter. In the flight path, always check out the southeast entry point at Shelter. Here, remember that there are always 4 entry points to Shelter in the flight path. Check these out in the map.

Once you are above the southeast entrance, parachute from the airplane and land correctly towards the entrance of the Shelter. Get inside the bunker and search for goodies. You should find at least a basic minimum (in the worst case scenario) collection of weapons inside. Finish off people who you think could pose a threat to your accumulating the weapons arsenal. You could use the newly connected guns (and other weapons as well) to eliminate enemies here.

Here, you should also find a level 3 backpack; collect it. Grab as many as level 3 backpacks as you can. These are generally accompanied by other level 3 stuff and weapons such as grenades.

Likewise, explore the whole of Shelter and pick up as many loot items as possible to add to your arsenal. This should ideally serve as an effective looting spot.

Hence, do check these tips out and share thoughts on your experience within Shelter.

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