Samsung Next-Gen Smartphones (Galaxy S10 Series) Could Come Under Intense Competition From This Brand

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  • Huawei foldable smartphones could compete with Samusng's foldable phones that are hugely rumoured to be made live soon
  • 5G network standards seem to have already caught up within the United States of America

South Korean smartphone brand Huawei could be launching a foldable smartphone at the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC 2019) to take on the likes of Samsung that is also hugely believed by its loyalists to be unveiling a foldable prototype during the event.

Now, as per a Cnet report, that quotes Richard Yu who is Executive Director and CEO of Consumer at Huawei, the brand would be showcasing a smartphone with a foldable screen that is also said to be 5G compatible. Now, this could be double bonanza considering the fact that both of the 5G, as well as foldable displays, is now a futuristic trend as far as smartphones are concerned.

The 5G network standards seem to have already caught up within the United States of America (USA) as leading wireless carrier AT&T has already piloted the newer standard in select cities of the States.

At this juncture, even Samsung is apparently slated to unveil a new foldable smartphone in 2019; loyalists of the company have placed a keen eye on the company’s MWC presence and on the February 20 Unpacked Event where newer smartphones are expected to be showcased.  There could even be a plethora of newer smartphones that could incorporate folding displays.

With Huawei now confirmed to launch foldable 5G smartphones as soon as during the MWC 2019, future smartphones from all the major brands viz LG, Nokia, Apple, et al could incorporate the next-gen networking standards as well as offering bendable screens.

As far as Huawei’s MWC 2019 5G handset is concerned, it reportedly runs on the Kirin 980 SoC. Other key technical specifications are yet to surface at this juncture; these are expected in the very near future.

In related developments, the Samsung Galaxy S10 could come with triple rear camera and a 4100 mAh battery as renowned tipsters have gone on record to report technical details of the smartphone; albeit unofficially. These details are still rumoured at this juncture; hence, it is now only about time before official details begin surfacing.

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