Samsung Says The Galaxy Fold Is Almost Ready For Market 

Written By Tech Desk | Mumbai | Published:

Samsung isn’t done with the Galaxy Fold just yet – in fact, a new report now suggests that Samsung’s infamous Galaxy Fold ‘foldable’ is almost ready for the market. “Most of the display problems have been ironed out, and the Galaxy Fold is ready to hit the market,” Samsung Display vice president Kim-Seong-cheol was quoted by the Investor as saying. We still don’t know when the Galaxy Fold will be re-launched in the market, but Samsung recently confirmed it will not hit the shelves before the end of July - so we’re possibly looking at an August announcement, possibly alongside the Galaxy Note 10. 

The Galaxy Fold was pulled off the shelves ahead of its scheduled April 26 launch after many review units of the foldable started breaking – either because of debris that made its way inside from under the exposed areas of the hinge, or when the top protective layer of the main display was peeled off. Samsung recalled all the review units and started an internal investigation to find out the root cause(s) of the problem. 

Only recently, Samsung announced that it will cancel all pre-orders if it failed to ship the Galaxy Fold by the end of May – Samsung missed that target as well. The only plausible explanation for the delay is Samsung not being able to fix the Galaxy Fold – to meet its ‘new’ quality standards. 

That said, this is not the first time that Samsung has hinted, the Galaxy Fold may not be dead after all.  

Samsung Electronics CEO DJ Koh had said in May that the company had reviewed all the defects that had led to the Galaxy Fold’s fold-gate issue and that Samsung “will not be too late” with the launch.  

Samsung has been working to strengthen the durability of the Galaxy Fold, particularly the exposed areas on the hinge, ever since. Also, it has been working on minimizing the gap between the protective layer and the main display. Since, the protective layer seems to be going nowhere, hopefully Samsung will be more forthcoming in highlighting a cautionary note for users, so they won’t tamper with it. 

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