Samsung Takes A Stand On Phones With Flexible Display. Says It Wants To Be The First One To Introduce It In The Market

Written By Anirudh Sunilkumar | Mumbai | Published:


  • Samsung confirms 'Galaxy F' with a foldable display
  • CEO DJ Koh stated that the company wants to be the first one to introduce the new tech in the market

Samsung, for long, has been teasing bits and pieces of its so-called upcoming phones with flexible displays. As it began users questioned its practicality and its potential in the market. However, with time as Samsung failed to take a stand on the tech and did not provide any further details, the spark faded away. 

However, in an attempt to break the monotony, Samsung has suddenly announced a radical new galaxy and this time the company's CEO DJ Koh has confirmed that the company is not just developing a Galaxy with a folding display but that it is aiming to be the first one to introduce it in the market. 

Koh stressed that the new Galaxy will cater to all the likes and demands of the consumers in the market today. Additionally, he also stated that there were other companies in the thread who are fighting to achieve the 'world's first' title and that Samsung won't lose out to them. 

Koh, also confirmed that this time the Galaxy will hit the production lines, unlike the previous concepts that failed to do so and that this will give rise to an entirely new range of similar smartphones in the same range. 

This news comes only a couple of days after a leading Chinese news agency reported about Apple's plans to make its upcoming iPhones compatible with the iPencil, invading into the stylus-space that was previously dominated by Samsung Note and its S-Pen. 

Additionally, recently we had reported about multiple international reports that suggested that the Chinese company OnePlus had dethroned Samsung in the premium smartphone segment with its new flagship model OnePlus 6. 

OnePlus now stands on the top of India's premium smartphone market with a 40% share followed by Samsung with 34% and Apple with 14%. On a related note, the South Korean electronics giant had earlier acknowledged 'soft' demand in its premium flagship S9. 

Owing to the fact that India accounts to a major share in Samsung's global sales it could be noted that the latest numbers came as a blow to them and that the latest model would be an attempt by the Chinese company to gain some extra traction in the global front.