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The Moto Razr 2019 Is Coming Soon To India, May Cost Over 1 Lakh 

The Moto Razr is back and it’s every bit as ahead of its time as the original. Maybe even more. The Moto Razr 2019 is a ‘flipping’ foldable.

Moto Razr

Not many gadgets leave a long-lasting impression on you, the way a certain Moto Razr did back in the day. The Moto Razr was in fact so ahead of its time with its one-of-its-kind flipping design, and even though there have been many other phones that have tried to recreate that magic over the years, the original still manages to bring a smile to your face – to this day. Oh, the sheer nostalgia! 

Which is possibly why many have secretly dreamed about its return. And on November 13, it did return. With a big bang. The Moto Razr is back and it’s every bit as ahead of its time as the original. Maybe even more. This one, let’s just call it Moto Razr 2019, is a ‘flipping’ foldable.  

Moto Razr 2019 coming soon to India

Motorola has launched the Moto Razr 2019 in the US at a staggeringly high price of $1,500 which roughly translates to Rs 1,08,122 – the phone’s a Verizon exclusive. Good thing is that the Moto Razr won’t be a US-only affair for long. It is coming soon to India and while we don’t know exactly when, the launch should be sometime within the next month or two. In the US, the Moto Razr 2019 will go on sale sometime in January 2020 with pre-orders beginning December 26. 

And yes, the Moto Razr 2019 will most likely cost you a bomb to own. A price tag of upwards of Rs 1 lakh can’t be ruled out. Still, it won’t likely be as expensive as the Samsung Galaxy Fold – which is currently the only foldable phone being sold in India. The Samsung Galaxy Fold costs Rs 1.65 lakh in India.  

But that’s the sort of price you’ll have to pay for the future for now. Making a foldable doesn’t come cheap. Hopefully once the technology matures, these things could get more mainstream. 

A good thing about the Moto Razr 2019 is that the phone seems durable enough unlike say the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Not to mention that the Moto Razr 2019 has nostalgia written all over it – to make a selling. 

The only concern will be the hardware. The phone may look and feel futuristic but at its heart it’s a mid-ranger with some mediocre specs. The Moto Razr 2019 has a 6.2-inch main display with 876x2142-pixel resolution (21:9 aspect ratio) and a 2.7-inch secondary cover display with a resolution of 600x800-pixel, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor paired with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage (non-expandable). The foldable Razr phone further packs a 2,510mAh battery with 15W fast charging. There’s a 16MP camera on the rear and a 5MP camera on the front. 

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