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Neowise July 30 Location: Where To Spot The Comet After Sunset Tonight? Find Out

Comet NEOWISE is on its journey out of our Solar System & will soon disappear from Earth's skies, into deep space. Here is where the comet will be seen tonight.

neowise july 30

Comet NEOWISE is soon going to end its journey as a naked eye comet and disappear into deep space. However, there’s still a little bit of time to catch a glimpse of this newly discovered celestial rock, as it blazes across the night sky and teases astronomy lovers and astronomers each night. According to NASA reports, the newly discovered NEOWISE has a nucleus which is about 3 miles in diameter and is composed of dust, rock and frozen gases which are leftovers from the birth of our solar system around 4.6 billion years ago. Read on to find out NEOWISE July 30 Location.

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NEOWISE July 30 Location: How to find NEOWISE tonight?

According to NASA, NEOWISE will stop is a dazzling celestial show between early to mid-August. The NEOWISE July 30 location is by near The Big Dipper also known as the ladle or The Plough. A skywatcher needs to move away from urban light pollution, find a dark spot, and then look to the northwestern sky below and a bit west of the Big Dipper.

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One will be able to witness the comet climbing higher above the horizon as the nights wear on. You can also use the Comet NEOWISE app available on Apple play store and downloadable iPad and iPhone. The app will help the skywatcher to figure out exactly where to look for the comet from your location.

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Comet NEOWISE Time: What you need to know before heading out for Comet Hunting?

According to the reports of a space portal, on July 30, NEOWISE will be most visible around 80 minutes before sunrise. If an astronomy enthusiast or space lover plan to got comet hunting tonight, it is best to carry a small telescope or binoculars as NEOWISE is reaching the end of its journey as a naked eye comet. Reports on science and space portals have indicated that Comet NEOWISE has a visual magnitude between 1 and 2. 

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On the magnitude scale, smaller numbers indicate brighter objects. But given the comet is on its outbound journey from Sun, which is the only source of light in our Solar System, hence its visual magnitude will be diminishing rapidly. According to the reports of a space portal, the last time humans had witnessed this cosmic spectacle was when, the prehistoric monument, Stone Henge, was only 500 years old and today, Stone Henge is over 5,000 years old. Comet NEOWISE will be appearing again after approximately 6,800 years and will be spotted in Earth’s sky again in the year 8,820CE. 

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