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How To Make Moon Water? Learn How To Charge Water With The Power Of The Moon

'How to make moon water?' is one of the trending questions right now. Learn how to make moon water with a full moon and also the benefits of moon water.

how to make moon water

The Moon has gathered a lot of hype this week. It's going to be a full moon this week with the lunar eclipse approaching and people are trying to get the most out of this. The rising trend right now is moon water, where water can be charged by the mystical properties of the celestial body. One of the most asked questions right now is -- how to make moon water?

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How to make Moon Water?

Moon water can be made by leaving water outside and let it get charged by the mystical properties of the Moon. As the moon is already responsible for the tides and water current, it is believed there is a special connection between the moon and water. Here’s how to make moon water with a full moon:

  • Firstly, the person will need a container to leave the water in
  • Secondly, they’ll need to fill it with water, this water can be collected from anywhere as long as it is clear
  • Then the people will have to check for the Zodiac Sign the moon is in as the moon water has different impacts depending on the Zodiac sign it is in
  • People can optionally add water crystals such as rose quartz, clear quartz or amethyst
  • Additionally, people can also add cleansing herbs to water and light it
  • Then they should leave the water outside under direct moonlight to get it charged by the moon
  • People should avoid this method during eclipses

What are the uses of Moon water?

The Moon water is helpful in cleansing and empowering the person for the coming days. Here’s how people can use moon water at home:

  • Moon water can be used to clean an altar, sacred space, crystals, or any ritual tools
  • It can also be added to a ritual bath
  • Moon water can be used to cleanse the floor, it can be added to floor cleaners directly
  • While painting, moon water can be used to dip brushes in
  • It can also be used to water the plants
  • Many people use moon water to make a fragrant room spray by adding essential oils and alcohol
  • Moon water can be added to an essential oil diffuser
  • People can opt to drink moon water also as it helps the body to absorb it
  • Moon water can also be used to anoint as a way for the people to cleanse themselves

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