Elon Musk’s Temporary Twitter Break Gets Twitterati In Splits

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Elon Musk is going off Twitter on a temporary break. This is a tad unconventional considering the fact that he is generally ever active on social media.

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Elon Musk

Elon Musk is going off Twitter on a temporary break. This is a tad unconventional considering the fact that the Tesla and SpaceX premiere is generally ever active on social media. His temporary hiatus, on social media (Twitter), would cast a  spell of silence on his followers for now. Musk has announced that he would be going offline for a few days.  

Musk's offline on Twitter, for a while

Musk’s impending “silence” on Twitter has evoked interesting reactions from netizens (Twitterati). Check these out below. But first, before the reactions there is the tweet from Musk announcing his hiatus from Twitter for a few days at least. This could potentially come into effect from this moment potentially.  This tweet has even gone viral. 






Then, there was certainly a volly of funny reactions to the big announcement, atleast for the twitterati. There is one which reads," Headed to Mars." Another one says " Ok everyone, I’m in charge now," this is by a netizen of course and not a Tesla employee. Musk heading to Mars was a favourite among many, "He’s going to Mars," screams another netizen. "I'll continue to tag you in memes just in case," reads another reaction.

At this juncture, Musk’s silence would also mean that twitterati and these technology enthusiasts must look at other people to offer updates about Tesla. This predicament is applicable to futuristic Tesla technology as well. With Musk going offline from twitter, for now, it is worth remembering that he has been a strong advocator for solar energy. In some of his recent tweets, he has advocated the use of solar panels at homes in order to help people avoid power blackouts at home.  

In related Elon Musk aspects, Musk had a debate with the now-former Executive Chairman of Alibaba Jack Ma. This debate touched upon aspects such as Artifical Intelligence, its impact on jobs, and even computers dominating humans. Both Musk and Ma, though with different views lightened the discussion with punch-lines. This panel took place at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference this year. You could check out the full video, here, and more details on what Ma had to say from here.

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