Are Movies available for free viewing on YouTube, in a standalone manner without relying on external channels?
Are Movies available for free viewing on YouTube, in a standalone manner without relying on external channels?

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Is YouTube Now Providing Free To Watch Movies?

Written By Tech Desk | Mumbai | Published:


  • More movies apparently slated to be added in the future

In a new move that could offer lots to cheer about as far as consumption of quality content is concerned, YouTube incorporated huge number of full-length films (YouTube movies) that users can watch for free. The only apparent downside here is that these display ads.

As per an AdAge report, quoted by TechCrunch, the films in the list include a combination of both classics as well as recents ranging from Rocky, The Terminator, to Agent Cody Banks. Viewers should be able to watch complete films with ads appearing in the form of pop-ups.

Viewers can check out YouTube, especially the customized “Free to Watch” sub-section which should essentially contain the newly added free to watch Hollywood feature films numbering 100.

Earlier, viewers bought and even rented films on YouTube in the YouTube Movies category. With the latest move, YouTube could potentially pose some competition to the likes of Netflix as far as content consumption is concerned.

As per AdAge, which quotes Rohit Dhawan who is Director at YouTube’s Product Management Division, there would be more full-length feature films added to the Free to Watch section in the near future.

Hence, viewers could check out and let us know whether they have been able to check out the free Hollywood movies.

Now, with an increased penetration in LTE connectivity, YouTube’s free to watch section could very well get a boost in terms of sheer number of viewers and subscribers.

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