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Shades Of Summer: Coffee Giant Launches Colour-changing Reusable Cups In Its Global Outlets, Sells Out Instantly

Written By Suchitra Karthikeyan | Mumbai | Published:


  • Starbucks recently launched colour changing reusable cups on April 29 in US and Canada which got instantly sold out.
  • The coffee gaint is planning to restock their shelves with these cups soon. Twitterati have been anxiously craving for more of these cups.

The Unicorn Frappuccino - Starbucks' coloured purple blended beverage with blue syrup drizzle, topped with whipped cream and purple and blue sprinkles, is guilty of a flavour changing feature and containing the most number of colours in one drink as it is made of 'the finest rainbows.'

Now imagine if the outer container of the Frappuccino was just as colourful. Seems like a true celebration of summer, right?

Starbucks has recently launched colour changing cups which are reusable. This has become an instant rage online with people begging Starbuck to keep their inventory stocked with these eco-friendly cups. Starbucks has also done away with plastic straws across all their global outlets.

The coffee-giant launched the colour-changing cups in several outlets of U.S. and Canada on April 29 by selling a set of five, colour-changing tumblers. These colourful cups change colour as soon as a liquid is poured into the container. Depending on the temperature of the liquid, the colours comprising of Coral red, yellow, rose pink, cobalt blue, and tangerine change. Most of these cups were sold out within hours of its launch. But Starbucks is planning to restock their shelves with these cups soon. These rainbow-coloured reusable cups are also available on several websites.

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Twitteratti have been anxiously craving for more of these colour-changing cups. And people, where these are not available, have been ranting about it.