This 'crying' Instagram User Complains To Police After Losing Her Account With Hundreds Of Thousands Of Followers

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According to a new report, Taylor tried to get the police to help her recover her deleted account, days after she burst into tears on YouTube

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Recently, Instagram user Jessy Taylor burst into tears on YouTube after her Instagram account with hundreds of thousands of followers got deleted. In her video, Taylor begged her audience to stop reporting her after she found out that her Instagram account with 113,000 followers does not exist anymore. According to a new report, Taylor tried to get the police to help her recover her deleted account.

"I felt like it was a homicide," she said. "Like somebody murdered me and then went online to say, 'I murdered this girl.'

"I called the police actually and told them about this, and they said you can't compare a murder to this, and I was like, no, that's exactly what it felt like."

Apparently, Taylor's previously-deleted account has now been restored. Now Taylor has two accounts: One with 113,000 followers and another with more than 12,000 followers.

Watch her video below:

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"I have been mentally trying to be in a better place lately. I don’t expect anyone to understand my struggles but myself. I am growing and understanding more about what my purpose is here everyday. I hope if your reading this you are also progressing also!" Taylor said in her recent Instagram post.

What was the problem?

Instagram deleted Taylor's account after multiple users reported it but it was not clear as to why users started reporting her account in bulk. We reached out to Instagram to understand what led them to delete Taylor's account and was there any community guidelines' violation but we did not receive any response from the company.

In her almost 4-minute long video, Taylor repeatedly begged people to stop reporting her account. However, Taylor did not receive much sympathy in the comments. Some people in the comments even said that she had purchased fake followers. Some people said they are going to report her new Instagram account as well.

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