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Breathtaking Waterfalls To Explore In India: Jog Falls In Karnataka To Dudhsagar Falls In Goa

Here are five spectacular waterfalls in India that promise an unforgettable experience. The best time to witness them is during the summer season.

Most Majestic Waterfalls | Image:Unsplash

India, with its diverse landscapes, hosts some of the most stunning waterfalls that are a must-visit for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. From the misty heights of the North to the lush greenery of the South, here are five spectacular waterfalls in India that promise an unforgettable experience.

Jog Falls, Karnataka

Located on the Sharavathi River in Karnataka, Jog Falls is one of India's tallest and most majestic waterfalls. During the monsoon season, the waterfall transforms into a spectacular sight, with torrents of water plunging down 830 feet. The area around Jog Falls offers lush landscapes and the soothing sound of water, making it a perfect spot for nature lovers.

Nohkalikai Falls, Meghalaya

Nohkalikai Falls, near Cherrapunji—one of the wettest places on Earth—is renowned for its sheer beauty and grandeur. Falling from a height of 1,115 feet, it is the tallest plunge waterfall in India. The emerald-colored water pool at the bottom of the fall, contrasted against the backdrop of verdant forests, creates a stunning visual that is both awe-inspiring and tranquil.

Image credit: Unsplash
Image credit: Unsplash

Dudhsagar Falls, Goa

Straddling the border between Goa and Karnataka, Dudhsagar Falls is a four-tiered waterfall and one of the tallest in India. The falls appear like streams of milk rushing down the mountainside, hence the name 'Sea of Milk.' The journey to the waterfall through the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary adds to the charm, offering a glimpse of the region's rich flora and fauna.

Athirappilly Falls, Kerala

Often referred to as the 'Niagara Falls of India,' Athirappilly Falls in Kerala is a popular location for film shootings due to its dramatic scenery. The waterfall drops over 80 feet through several parallel streams, providing a breathtaking view in the lush landscape of Kerala’s forests.

Image credit: Unsplash
Image credit: Unsplash

Chitrakote Falls, Chhattisgarh

Known as the 'Niagara Falls of India,' Chitrakote Falls in Chhattisgarh offers a magnificent panoramic view, especially during the monsoon when it swells with rainwater. This horseshoe-shaped waterfall is the widest in India, making it a visually stunning spectacle.


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