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How to Apply for Tatkal Passport Using Mobile App, Fees and Application Process - Details Inside

The government launched an app for passport applications which servers the purpose of application with an ease.

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Tatkal Passport Application Process | Image:ANI

Info: If you are planning to go abroad the most crucial travel document is a passport. Travelling overseas requires a valid passport. In addition to your passport, you require a visa to enter the country of your destination. 

Additionally, this visa is only possible with a valid passport. If you intend to travel overseas as well, you should first get your passport processed. Here, we'll explain how you can apply for a passport right now while relaxing at home.


Application through Mobile App:

The government launched an app for passport applications which servers the purpose of application with an ease. Any citizen of India may apply using the mPassport Seva app.


Passport Application Fees:

For a regular passport, there is a charge of Rs 1,500 to get the passport made. The cost of a passport expedited processing is Rs 3,500. 


Senior people and children under the age of eight receive a ten percent relaxation on standard passport expenses. Rather than Rs 1,500, they would now need to pay Rs 1,350.

Passport Application Process:

  • Download the mPassport Seva app to your phone first.
  • You must first register on this app in order to obtain a passport. Click on "New User Registration" first. Enter your name, birthdate, email address, and other details when registering.
  • You now need to come up with a password. Next, fill out the captcha and press submit. A verification code will be emailed to your email by the passport office. 
  • You'll need to click on it after going to your mail. You will then need to log in.
  • Select the option of Apply For Fresh Passport.
  • Choose the passport office nearest to your area and also check the date of appointment.
  • Choose if you want to get the passport made in Tatkal or Normal.
  • After submitting the form, you will get the dates of the appointments. After clicking on that date it has to be submitted. After that you will receive mail and SMS for confirmation.
  • Submit your documents photo ID proof and address proof.
  • Go to the passport center on the date of appointment.
  • After that there will be police verification.
  • After all verification, the passport will be dropped at your home through speed post within seven days.

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