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Survey Unveils bizarre items that Guests steal from luxury hotels

Luxury hotel survey reveals guests pilfering peculiar and sizable items, from sauna benches to a grand piano, posing a surprising trend of theft.

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A recent survey conducted by hotel and spa reviewer Wellness Heaven revealed startling theft trends among guests at luxury hotels. While the pilfering of soaps and shampoos is a common occurrence, the survey uncovered instances of guests absconding with more peculiar and sizeable items like sauna benches, mattresses, stereo systems, and even a grand piano.

What are the most common items stolen?

The survey, comprising responses from 1,157 hoteliers, noted that towels and bathrobes were the most frequently stolen items. Notably, a significant contrast emerged in theft patterns between guests at four-star and five-star hotels. The report highlighted that 49 hotels reported the theft of mattresses, often occurring discreetly in the middle of the night using direct elevators to the underground parking.

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Additionally, tablet computers or "suite pads" were found to be pilfered 8.2 times more frequently in five-star establishments. The theft probability for artworks was 5.5 times higher in luxury hotels. Among the bizarre stolen items were a toilet seat, a rain shower head, a stuffed boar's head, and even sauna benches.


Most bizarre items

However, the most astonishing revelation was a grand piano vanishing from a hotel lobby in Italy. A hotelier recounted the bewildering incident, mentioning the sudden disappearance of the grand piano, allegedly taken away by three unidentified individuals in overalls. Regrettably, the piano never made its return.


The survey highlighted a concerning trend of guests lifting not just toiletries but also larger and more unusual items from upscale hotels, shedding light on the audacious and elaborate means employed to carry out these thefts.


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