Updated January 18th, 2024 at 20:29 IST

2-year-old UK toddler dies of starvation 7 days after social worker first raises alarm

The two-year-old UK boy was found dehydrated and starved to death next to his deceased father a week after an alarm was first raised by a social care worker.

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The 2-year-old UK boy was found starved to death next to his father. Image for representative purposes. | Image:X

On January 9, two-year-old Bronson was found dead alongside his 60-year-old father at their home in the British town of Skegness. The boy had reportedly starved to death and dehydrated after his father died due to a fatal heart attack. According to a report by The Sun, the child was found curled up near his father's feet, close to a fridge that was two inches too high for him to open. 

The pair were reportedly last seen alive by their neighbours on Boxing Day (December 26). On December 27, Kenneth, the boy's father, messaged a neighbour to say “Thanks so much for caring, it means the world to me and Bronson.”


On the same day, a social care worker messaged Kenneth to let him know about an upcoming visit. Bronson had been classified by social workers as ‘at risk’ and thus would receive weekly visits by a worker. When the worker eventually visited the pair's house on January 2, she reportedly received no answer. After making inquiries with the neighbours, she informed the police. On January 4, she made an unannounced visit to the home and once again did not receive an answer. Yet again, she informed the police. 

Finally, on January 9 when she once again found the pair unresponsive to her house call, the social worker approached the landlord for the key to the apartment. It was at this point that the father and son were found dead inside. 


Following the incident, the Lincolnshire City Council notified the National Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel for a rapid review of the incident. The Lincolnshire police department has also referred itself for review concerning its response to the incident.

The thrust of these reviews is to ascertain why Bronson was not found by the concerned authorities a week after the social care worker failed to make contact with the father-son duo and informed the police. 


Published January 18th, 2024 at 20:29 IST