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South Sudan Lakes State Killing: 16 People Lose Lives As Result Of Communal Clash

At least 16 people were killed over the weekend in communal clashes in the Lakes State of South Sudan while 20 people were injured in Manyangrel Cattle Camp.

(Image Credits: AP)

(Image Credits: AP)

As many as 16 people were killed over the weekend in communal clashes in the Lakes State of South Sudan. Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports William Koji Kirjok said that 20 people were injured in violent clashes between Goni and Thuyic communities at the Manyangrel Cattle Camp. He said that they are waiting for more reports from police over the present situation on the ground, reported ANI citing Xinhua. 

Communal clashes in Lakes state

William Koji Kirjok said that security forces have been sent to the spot to de-escalate violence and restoring peace in the region. He further added that the government will continue its work to "disarm civilians". South Sudan has been experiencing a surge in communal violence in Jonglei, Warrap and Lakes states. The causes of the communal violence have been mainly due to cattle raiding, revenge killings and child abduction.

Earlier this month, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for the adoption of the 2018 peace agreement in South Sudan. He further said that there should be disarmament of former combatants and the creation of a truth and reconciliation commission, as primary milestones for the world's newest nation to be free of a United Nations weapons embargo. The suggestions were made in an eight-page report to the United Nations Security Council in response to the council's request for advice in December to determine the weapons embargo on South Sudan, which was enacted in 2018 The targets demand improvement in three areas which include political and governance problems, former fighter disarmament, demobilisation, and reintegration, and security sector reform. . The civil war has killed nearly 400,000 people and displaced millions. On political issues, Guterres said that the government must make progress in establishing a transitional government, completing reforms, and ensuring broad participation of women, as stipulated in the peace agreement. 

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