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10 children among 19 dead after bus overturns in Nicaragua

At least 19 people including several children lost their lives after a bus overturned in Nicaragua. The country's vice president expresses grief on the matter.

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19 dead and 40 injured after a bus overturns in Nicaragua | Image:Unsplash/ Representative

Managua: At least 19 people including several children lost their lives after a bus overturned in Nicaragua. According to a statement released by the country's Vice President Rosario Murillo, the incident took place on Saturday near the building of Rancho Grande municipality, department of Matagalpa located north of the capital, Managua. According to La Prensa, 40 people were also injured in the tragedy and were taken to a nearby hospital. As per the reports, out of the 19 people killed in the accident, 10 were minors between 4 and 16 years old. 

"Nine of the deceased have been identified so far," said Vice President Murillo, through a message broadcast by Channel 4 of Managua. “The preliminary version is that the pilot lost control of the vehicle, which was transporting about 70 people, and then overturned in the middle of a bridge,” she added. Following the preliminary investigation into the matter, the authorities found that the driver was "driving at excess speed" when the incident took place. The injured driver was detained by the authorities shortly after the incident, La Prensa reported. 


Nicaraguan VP express grief

Meanwhile, Nicaraguan Vice President Murillo, who is the wife of President Daniel Ortega, expressed grief over the incident. "We are deeply moved by the misfortune that befell us this day," lamented the Nicaraguan vice president. “Unfortunately, among the fatalities are several children and more than forty people were injured,” she added. The authorities noted that the bus was travelling from Waslala to Matagalpa when the bus crashed into a bridge and was left hanging. The authorities are yet to find the motive behind the incident.   


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