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Sydney Mall Stabbing: King Charles, Prince and Princess of Wales Release Statement

Sydney Mall Stabbing Incident: In a tragic incident, seven people were killed and several injured, including a nine-month-old baby at a Sydney mall.

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Sydney Mass Stabbing Incident Live updates | Image:AP

Sydney Mall Stabbing Incident LIVE: In a tragic incident, six people have been killed and several injured, including a nine-month-old baby, at a mall in Sydney, Australia. As per media reports, the attacker was shot dead by the police. Following the incident, authorities swiftly initiated a complete lockdown of the mall and issued an advisory for the public to clear the area. Several videos showed ambulances reaching the spot and treating the injured. Police officials said that a critical incident was declared after a man was shot at around 4 pm local time after reports of multiple stabbings of people in the mall. 

Incidentally, the Bondi suburb is a Jewish area, with a number of synagogues, Jewish schools and community centres in and around. However, the New South Wales Police Commissioner Karen Webb said the incident was not related to terrorism but a standalone attack by a 40-year-old man. 


Catch all the latest LIVE updates of the Sydney Stabbing incident here:

Statement by King Charles III and Queen Camilla on Sydney Stabbing Incident


King Charles III and Queen Camilla have released a joint statement through the official social media of The Royal Family, on the Sydney mall attack. “A message from The King following the tragic stabbing incident in Bondi,” read the caption on X. Following is the statement:

Prince and Princess of Wales Statement on Sydney Stabbing Incident

Prince William and Princess Kate released a statement via social media about the Sydney stabbing incident on Saturday. The statement on X read: “We are shocked and saddened by the terrible events in Sydney earlier today. Our thoughts are with all those affected, including the loved ones of those lost and the heroic emergency responders who risked their own lives to save others. W & C”.


Female Police Officer Who Shot Attacker “Enormously Courageous”

New South Wales Police Commissioner Karen Webb praised the senior female police officer who shot the male attacker. “The police officer that attended is enormously courageous, as were other police officers that have attended that area,” Webb said. The officer has requested not to be named right now. The NSW Commissioner also praised shopkeepers who assisted in keeping people safe.

Westfield Bondi Junction closed tomorrow 

The Westfield Bondi Junction shopping centre will remain closed tomorrow due to the stabbing attack.

Attacker Identified as 40-year-old Man; ‘Not a Terrorism Incident’

New South Wales Police Commissioner Karen Webb addressed the media after the Sydney incident. She revealed that the attacker has been identified as a 40-year-old man who is believed to have acted alone. “If he is the person that we believe, then we don’t have fears of that person holding an ideation. In other words, it’s not a terrorism incident,” the Commissioner said.

Death Toll Rises to 7

The death toll from today's stabbing incident in Sydney has risen to seven, the police confirm, including the attacker.

She's a Hero, She Saved Many Lives: PM Albanese Praises Officer Who Confronted Attacker

Speaking at a press conference, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese praised the courage of the female officer who shot the attacker, as she entered the very dangerous proceedings. He said, " She is certainly a hero. There is no doubt that she saved lives through her action. And it is a reminder that those people who wear [the] uniform are people who rush to danger, not away from it. And I give thanks to every, every one of them, for the actions that they’ve taken up to now and the actions that they will take over the coming days, which will be a difficult period as well. Thank you."

PM Thanks Healthcare Workers and First Responders

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese praised healthcare workers and first responders in today's tragic event. Speaking at a press conference at 07:00 pm local time he said, "And all of us are thinking of the dedicated doctors, nurses and health care workers who will be working through the night to save lives and to care for their fellow Australians. Today Bondi Junction was the scene of shocking violence, but it was also witnessed to the humanity and the heroism of our fellow Australians. Our police, our first responders, and of course everyday people who could never have imagined that they would face such a moment and some of the footage is quite extraordinary."

"Staff for whom there should have been a normal shift shoppers peacefully going about their lives. And yet for these Australians, their first instinct in the face of danger was to help someone else. That is what we hold on to tonight," the PM added.

People walk out of the shopping centre, where multiple people were stabbed on Saturday.


6 Dead, Including Attacker

At a press conference, Police Assistant Commissioner Anthony Cooke confirmed that the attacker was shot dead by a police officer who was on her own. He said, "I’m advised that there are five victims who are now deceased as a result of the actions of this offender."

‘Our Heart Goes Out to’: PM Albanese Offers Condolence

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese offered his condolences on the Sydney mall stabbing incident. Taking to X, he said, “Tragically, multiple casualties have been reported and the first thoughts of all Australians are with those affected and their loved ones. Our hearts go out to those injured and we offer our thanks to those caring for them as well as our brave police and first responders.”

Man Acted Alone, Motive Behind Attack Unclear

The Assistant Commissioner Anthony Cooke said the early investigation revealed that the man acted alone, He added that the motive behind the attack is yet to be identified.  "There’s nothing that we are aware of at the scene that would indicate any motive or any ideology."


Video Shows Man Running With Knife Inside Shopping Centre

A distressing video on X showed a man in a black T-shirt going on a rampage through the crowded premises, brandishing a knife. People were seen running to save their lives inside Bondi Junction.


For now, the Bondi junction has been completely locked down amid the stabbing incident till further notice. Witnesses recalled that the attacker walked confidently and coolly.


First Image of the Attacker:

First images of the man who carried out the tragic stabbing rampage in Bondi Sydney today were released.

First image of the attacker


Several Killed and Injured in Stabbing Spree at Sydney mall

Multiple casualties were reported after an unidentified man with a knife attacked people in a mall in Sydney, Australia. Several people were rushed to hospital for treatment.


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